Jige!!!! When ..... Where?????

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  1. when n where would u carry ur jige???? am havin trouble.... i have a jige orange ..... is it a day bag or evening bag.... i think too bright feor evening.... n tooo small for day.... open to ideas....

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  2. Hey fils - Surfers - Gold Vache Liegee 35 Birkin.....

    Jige - I'd wear it on a summers evening.
  3. But i can't wait till summer..... in our part of the world it is considered summery now.... so does that count summer????:graucho:
  4. I'm in Australia - I'd wear it tonight if I owned it!!
  5. Grands fonds- how is the vache leigee?
  6. Yes - it would look SO fabulous with jeans and a white shirt...the pop of orange........I think I need one......
  7. well, it's a little 'firm' for my tastes, holds it's shape very well....has a pronounced grain in a two-tone look. In gold I think it looks paler then in Togo, for instance. Has a slight shine to it.
  8. I would wear it during the day and casual evenings out. :yes: Love the Jige!!!
  9. Start wearing it!!! wherever u go.. its so chic :smile:
  10. I looove the Jige!! I'm definately getting one for evening...I would wear it during the day aswell, but it doesn't suit my lifestyle unfortunately, I'm a tote kind of person....and much too clumsy!;)
  11. It is so cute.
  12. filfils, I solved the "too small for day" problem with some of my H bags by carrying a sort of briefcase/bag....which has my office essentials or anything else I want to take with me in my car or to my office such as my tea, my papers, letters, etc.

    That leaves me hands free to carry the bag of my choice without worry or not having room. Then, when we go to lunch or I'm out, I have my beautiful Hermes bag with me while my workhorse bag is at my office or in my car.
  13. It would look great with white or pale blue. I'd wear it on a casual evening.
  14. Some outfit ideas from the owner of an orange/Potiron Birkin...

    Wear it with a beautiful sundress in the summer - day or evening.

    White capris or jeans, black top, black sandals (the white makes it possible)

    In the winter - jeans, camel colored or chocolate boots under jeans or over them, winter white wool coat with H scarf around your neck

    Black or chocolate pencil skirt, very fitted white blouse, leopard kitten heels

    A navy blue pant suit

    Navy pants or jeans, sky blue fitted sweater layerd over a white tank, neutral ballet flats, H Twilly tied in your hair
  15. ^^ Lovely!!! Oh no, now I want an orange Jige... :sweatdrop: