Jige sizes?

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  1. Last night DH and I were watching SATC and Miranda had a gorgeous large rouge Jige. :love: I've never seen one that size before, I've only seen the smaller checkbook/envelope sized ones. This one was more the size of a magazine. Do they still make these? :shrugs: I've never seen one in SF but you know SF. :lol:
  2. Yes My favorite type of Jige and I do believe they are still made.
  3. Here is another one in the size you are talking about. They are around 13x10 if I recall correctly.
  4. Thanks Elana! :flowers: :flowers: Oh, I love that one! :love:
  5. if i am right,there is 3 diff size of Jige:
    jige pm(this is the regular one,similar size to a dogon wallet)
    jige elan-my fav!(similar to kelly elan)
    and jige gm-which is more like a portfolio
  6. Can I ask which episode this was? I'm such a SATC geek :P but I love the fact that I always find new clothes/accesories to look at even though I've watched every episode too many times :smile: Right now I'm lusting over the decoration in Carrie's apartment, really like the wall behind the bed with the pictures and book-shelves.... and all the fashion magazines she has in the little boxes by the entrance.... good i'm such a geek :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks MM, ok so I am looking for the GM. So gorgeous...I never knew they came in that size. :shame:

    it was the episode where Carrie gets mugged and the guy steals her shoes and bag. Miranda comes to bring her a pair of shoes and she has the Jige. It looked to be ostrich Rouge H...or something like that! Beautiful!
  8. Cb- I found a pic of it. It's def. Rouge H Ostrich.
    RougehJige2.jpg RougeHOstrichJige.jpg
  9. :nuts: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Ahhhh I'm so in love with it. :love:
  10. Delurking for a moment to say that Miranda's clutch is absolutely GORGEOUS.
  11. That's HUGE!!!!! I think I like mid-size one. Tiny one is too small, and medium is a good size...:heart:
  12. Red hair looks great with that Rouge H and so does the shirt.
  13. :yes: I have to get something Rouge H. I love the big size because then I could fit everything I carry in it. The medium might be able to fit it all too...Hmmmm. :upsidedown:
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