Jige Quest

  1. OK !!
    so i know last-seconds.com are recommended resellers. authenticity is not an issue [right!? i'm open to feedback again, but this time i'm 99.9% sure of it]
    and i found my vintage JIGE clutch through them.
    so i have a few questions:

    1- they are in germany, correct? is there going to be a big hassle with customs, etc.? i only ask because i received my Birkin from overseas really really quickly which was great.

    2- the bag's condition. please see photos. do you think the stain detracts? do you think its ready to wear out? do you think i can clean it myself (and how?) or should i send it in to Hermes for cleaning? and lastly, is it a good price for it? (it's about $470)

    thank you so much, ladies & gents!!
    i just want a quick Hermes pick me up. i'll be going a little shopping crazy next month for my birthday but want a cute vintage H bag to tide me over until then. what do you think??






  2. I love the colors! I think I'd want to send it in for a spa treatment and I've heard that H can work wonders on the toile. I :heart: the Jige so much!
  3. thanks, CB!
    now the question is, how long would that spa treatment take? i hate letting something go for so long. a few days, sure. a few weeks...scary!! :smile:
  4. Croissant,

    I have a vintage toile Jige and while ther is some "aging" ( yellowing or color variations in the toile) it is not really noticable and actually I think makes the bag look better than the new white toile.

    Spa treatments can take awhile. I have two bags in since before Christmas. I would say 4-8 weeks.....???

    I love my vintage Jige! You could always try some gentle cleansing with a tootbrush and baby shampoo.....I have used it to clean mine.

    Go for it!!!!
  5. Croissant,

    I don't believe that this is the right quick-fix for you. Even though the seller is good (from what I have heard), the bag is in not so super condition and it is unsure if they can get the stain out at the spa and how long it takes. I don't think you'd be happy with the bag ---- my very honest opinion, I hope you take no offense.

    If I were you then for that money I'd buy a scarf in silk or cashmere (if that is up your alley) or a nice bracelet or whatever or save that money to add to your shopping spree.
  6. toothbrush and baby shampoo would work? that sounds like its worth trying!! :smile: i am understanding the length of time it takes for a spa treatment which is why i would rather opt for a cleaner bag or to clean this one myself somehow.:idea: but i do love it!! any specific shampoo recommendations? thank you!!
  7. you will never enable my whims, will you? haha
    i want the bracelet and scarf too, from Hermes. i just wanted the quick fix in bag form and i've been dying for a clutch and something vintage, although next month i'd also like the Jige brand new from Hermes in all leather. i kind of like the old worn look on certain things, especially Hermes. we'll see. they still have to respond to me about payment etc.
  8. I agree with Hello. I would pass on this. Vintage toile is questionable as to whether stain/discoloration would come out. Just my opinion.:smile:
  9. I'll enable your whims whenever my dear! I just don't want you to have nightmares! If you want a quick fix something vintage, then I would get a vintage Kelly if I were you. You know, one of those that are vintage but in excellent condition,
  10. Also, expect belated customs charges. I ordered a lovely shawl from them for around $700 or so and a few months later was sent an invoice from UPS for almost $60 in taxes.
  11. gracekelly: well, you're right about questioning how clean the toile can actually get. to be honest i was hoping to wear it as is and avoid the cleaning for a while. i was hoping the stain/discoloration would be more charming than apalling. something i guess only i can decide, i suppose. that being said, if i did get it cleaned, surely there'd be an improvement, right? i mean, i don't expect a brand new bag out of this but i think it can get better, especially since it doesn't look god awful. [i hope??] :smile:

    hello2703: vintage Kelly sounds diiiviiiiine...but...i'd really love a brand new Kelly and a clutch. the clutch idea is becoming a slight obsession. hehe

    orchids: good to know, thank you! that's not such a scary customs charge. if that is yours, mine would be around $30. i don't mind that. it's the wait.
  12. Croissant,

    Home cleaning won't take out the yellow. I used baby shampoo ( Johnson's) to take out some ink type red marks on mine and to just spruce it up a bit. It removed some of the discolorations, but not all of the aging. Like any "white" fabric, toile will yellow over time and the natural gradtions in color will appear.

    I know they sell clothing whiteners to remove yellow and I have used them on lace and other fragile fabrics, but you may want to call Hermes to check if about how to remove the aging from toile if that is what you want. It will never be as bright as a new toile though.
  13. What a nice vintage bag. The toile is so pretty. It's a shame about the stains on the inside. Cheer up, though. The right bag for you is bound to come along.:smile:
  14. quinn's mom [quinn is so cute!]: thanks for the tips!! good ideas. i realize it will never be pristine. thats fine, as vintage is meant to look worn and for that price for genuine Hermes, its fine by me.

    diamonds: the stains inside the clutch don't bother me at all! :smile:
  15. I'm no expert but I would hold out. Paying 470 dollars is a lot for something that looks like you've had it in the backseat of your car for 30 years. I know the appeal of vintage but like vintage box..not vintage toile. JMHO. If it sends your heart fluttering, then, by all means, get ot@