Jige Q's

  1. Hello All!

    Does anyone knows about Jige Clutch sizes, color availability (rogue vif or g) and price?

    Pls help me identify size of the metallic silver jige(thanks gina_b:smile:) in the pic.

    H Clutch.jpg
  2. The one in the pic looks like the Jige Elan to me and it's ca 29cm x 15cm in size. The Jige Elan is a little more expensive then the Jige as it's lined in leather and it starts at around 2200$ before tax, I think.

    The Jige comes in at least 3 sizes: GM that is ca 35cm x 26cm, PM that is 29cm x 20cm and a tiny one that I've never seen except in lizard and croc but I think they are 20cm x 15cm. The PM starts at around 1900$.

    I love Jiges, in the pic you can see a comparison for a Jige PM, Rouge H, and Jige Elan, Orange Epsom. I wish I had more :yes:
  3. Thanks icechick!:heart:
  4. Yep, looks like a JIGE Elan but I am not sure of the availability in metallics.

    Gorgeous though!
  5. I love the proportions of the JIGE Elan much more than the regular JIGE (more elongated). Do you mean to say that the Elan version comes in only one size? Thanks.
  6. ^^
    Yes the Elan only comes in one size.
  7. thanks Quinn'smom
  8. Ladies and Gents! I need your opinions pls...its raining clutches and I got the bug:p

    Ok, I asked my SA for something bright like rogue vif or garance and she showed me a pic of a striking rogue exotic lizard...in mini jige!

    Is it a keeper or should I still go for jige elan (available in rogue g, epson) for more functionality (I'm 5ft tall) and more elegant for evening use? Your opionions will be greatly appreciated.
  9. ^bagdizzy: I think it's a keeper!!! it looks fabulous!
  10. It's gorgeous! I have been eying the jige more and more recently. It's definitely a keeper!
  11. Thanks vogue and lulilu:smile: the thing thats bugging me is the size...its a mini. It will not hold up anything than a card case and lipstick.
  12. y'know.. i saw Samantha on SATC using the Jige Elan in Rogue (I think it was box) as a day clutch, and it looked really good. If you do run around town, maybe the Jige Elan is a better choice. That said, the lizard mini looks fantastic!!
  13. I personally would get the Jige Elan. The lizard is gorgeous but it really is tiny and I would need a lot more room.
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  15. OH MY GOSH! I came over to explore the H forum tonight to determine how rare a silver or any metallic Birkin is. And THERE one is in the photo! lol
    I remember reading a story posted here of one in the window as display only but not available for sale per the SAs in Paris. What is the probability of getting one in a metallic?