Jige or Kelly

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i am looking for an evening out bag( more for dinner invitations and coctails)
    i have on hold a black swift jige elan or do you think i should wait for a 32 retourne kelly?
    do you think 32 goes for coctails?i am 5'7'' and always wear heels...

    Opinion please!
  2. For me, I love a bag with a shoulder strap for cocktail parties. What about a petite Kelly like a 25cm croco or lizard?
  3. A 32cm Black Kelly is so classic and works day into evening. But it's not a true "evening bag." I'd do a Kelly Elan pochette, the new MEdor clutch (TDF) or a Kelly 25cm Sellier.
  4. I love the Jige or JPG Kelly clutch. :shame:
  5. I love the JPG Kelly Clutch too -- fabulous bag!!
  6. i would do a 25/28 black box kelly sellier - it looks a bit more formal and a bit more functional than the jige!
  7. I agree......for cocktail parties and evenings out where you're mingling with others you probably would be glad to have a shoulder strap. The 25/28cm Kelly is a wonderful bag for these events.

    I have the Kelly Elan which I LOVE but when I know I'm going to be doing a lot of standing around, I grab a vintage evening purse with some kind of strap. Hmmmmmm.....maybe I need to take a little look at something, say, 25 or 28cm??????
  8. i love kelly jpg for evening
  9. I have used a 32 kelly for that purpose. I like the JPG mini kelly, but it just does not fit as much as I like to carry, the other kelly that is good for evening is the 25 cm, and what is great it has a shoulderstrap, (hands free to hold food or shake hads,) is dressy when in the sellier style.
  10. JPG for me!!!!!!! I want a black croc JPG, that will be my final little piece of croc!!!
  11. I looove the JPG Kelly.
  12. What GT said.