JIGE JIGE JIGE and uhh..how do you pronounce it exactly??

  1. hi girls & guys,

    you can delete this thread once i get the answer to my question. just wondering how much a Jige clutch retails for and what are the available skins, sizes, embellishments, etc.? anyone have one and how do you like it? i've really been wanting a clutch lately and well, Hermes seems the only way to go nowadays! :smile:

    thank you!!:flowers::cutesy:
  2. Hello, Ella.....I've heard the SAs call it GeeJay ( soft G)
  3. thank you susi! any other info on it?
  4. Ella, I asked recently about some Jiges in crocodile. Found out that croc Jiges come in at least 2 sizes ( probably more but this is all the info I have ) The 8x5 Jige and the 11x6 are available in Porosus and Niloticus. If you have any interest in prices for these I will try to find my info....I know I kept it....just need to look it up.
  5. that would be great susi! i would also be curious to know the price for regular leathers as well. where is everyone? i guess no one knows or likes Jige but us? hehe
  6. I love this bag! I'd love to know more info as well!
  7. Ella, this is what little I have ( for croc pieces )....I think the smaller size Jige which is 8x5 inches, is around $5000 for the niloticus and $6200 for porosus. This may vary by a few dollars but that's close.

    Then, there is the 11x6 inch croc Jige ( do not know if this is niloticus or porosus ) for around $13,000.

    Then, there is another size inbetween (?) these....and I've only seen pics of these in niloticus ( they may come in porosus too ) and they are a little less than $6000 for niloticus. I'm sorry I've very fuzzy about this size.....I've seen pics of it, seen it at a distance at the stores but did not pursue any more information on it.

    I would think your boutique SA could furnish more info on the regular leather avails in the Jige....I see these in vintage come up on Ebay from time to time and often they are in box calf.
  8. Personally, I like the sound of "jiggy" better. Like "Getting Jige with it!":P
  9. i have the barenia and crinoline version of the jige clutch (i heard my SA pronounce "jigsh"). you can't put much in it. i have to take out my driver's lic. or credit cards to maintain the flatness of the clutch when carrying it. it looks odd with a bulge made by thick cellphones or keys :

  10. Oh Pazt, what a lovely clutch! I love Barenia/crinoline combo. My SA pronounces it similar to yours but like this instead: jeesh, with a very soft "j", kinda like how you'd pronounce Zsa as in Zsa Zsa Gabor.:roflmfao:
  11. I love Jiges! They are so beautiful though I favor the larger size.

    Pazt, I love that combo.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::P:P

    Pazt, your Jige is AMAZING :nuts:, so pretty !!!! I've always wanted one, but has wondered where or when to use them :shrugs:? Are they mostly used as an evening bag ?
  13. Pazt, your Jige is stunning!! I love the Barenia/Crinoline combo.
  14. thank you everyone!! so apparently this is like a wallet and looks weird with bulges. hmm...pazt your combo is lovely!! maybe one in all leather is a little more forgiving with keys/cell phones? i really want a clutch i can just grab and go. anyone know the prices for leather? susi thank you so much for postinga bout the croc!! too much for me to spend on a clutch right now. i would just want another Birkin if I'm paying 6k+ for another H bag!! :smile:
  15. thanks guys! this is the bigger size but the softness of the crinoline doesn't hold the shape when you stuff thick items in it.

    i also love it in suede, chevre for the big sizes and croc, of course - in the smaller size!

    yeah, croissant, just get a birkin but this bag is just more for church and brunch, that type of thing. i believe i got mine several years ago for under $ 4500 US!