Jige? Garden Party Twilly? Can't Decide!

  1. I have been having so many sleepless nights lately thinking about Hermes bags! :amuse: If you had around $2,500 to spend what would you get? Do you think the Jige is at all practical? I love the GP Twilly (the smallest one) but I'm not sure if I should wait for the rouge? Or something else? I'd love to hear your expert opinions! :shame:
  2. I love the Garden Party Twilly, it is so adorable. I didn't know they were going to make it in rouge, that will be gorgeous. I would wait for the rouge. I also really like the Picotin bag. I saw a couple of those in the store on Saturday, really pretty.
  3. I'd be all over the Garden Party. It seems like something you can take anywhere casual.

    The only Jige I adore is the brown crocodile with brown stitching, and I suspect that's considerably more.
  4. of course, if it was my $2500, I might buy a Bearn wallet and a small agenda. (This might be slightly more than $2500)
  5. For that money, I'd buy a Picotin or Evelyne pm or TPM
    Between the two you picked, I'd get the GP Twilly. I love the chocolate brown calf skin and the rouge would be gorgeous, too!
    The Jige is soooo elegant, but I'd be afraid of it's slim profile. I prefer the Kelly Elan clutch.
  6. With the Picotin or the Evelyne that Greentea mentions above, you will probably spend much less than $2,500. In London the Picotin PM was a little more than UK800 and the Evelyne was around UK1000-1100.
  7. Thanks for the replies! I really need to take a look at the Evelyn and the Picotin. I always thought they were more expensive so I didn't dare take a closer look! :shame: I think I read that the GP Twilly is coming out this fall in rouge? :love: I agree that the Jige's slim profile might not be practical. (And the brown croc is TDF!) I'm leaning toward the GP Twilly or the Evelyn or Picotin. DH likes the GP Twilly. :biggrin: Such a hard decision when they are all so beautiful, isn't it? :lol:
  8. The Twilly is pretty darn cute! I'm a little tough on bags, so the silk lining would be not so good for me, but I did get to give it a test stroll in Harrods. Beautiful!
  9. I thought the twilly was one of the skinny scarf-like item? I love the garden party - for a nice tote -- I'm not sure of the other bags though - I'm not a fan of shoulder bags in my old age lOL!
  10. The GP Twilly has silk scarf lining in the same pattern as the matching Twilly it comes with. (uh, does that make sense? hehe)

    Lately I'm SOOOO in love with the Picotin (it's strictly hand-held)! I think they're just preciousl While I was picking up my Birkin, I played with a mm size (my favorite) in white Clemence. This would be TDF for summer. The SA showed me how cute it is to stuff a scarf on top of your things and let it poke out a little from the bag.
    I want one in blue Jean Clemence or white for summer!!
    I also want an Evelyne TPM to keep inside my Birkin when I travel. Then if I go to a place or somewhere where I'm sightseeing and don't want to lug the Birkin around, I can pull out the smaller Evelyne bag.
  11. The garden party twilly is a small all-leather GP lined with red scarf silk printed with Hermes ribbon, and comes with a matching twilly tied on the handle. super cute!

    Sorry! repeat info.

    Greentea, what sizes of Picotin did you see? I was shown a PM and what I was told was a GM that could be a shoulder-carried bag. Apparently there is a HUGE version. So what exactly is a MM?
  12. I will have to find pics of these! Thanks for the info though -
  13. MM is the "Medium Modele," sized between PM and GM. The GM, I believe, can be carried on the shoulder, like a LV Noe. I don't know the exact dimensions of the mm but I found it to be the perfect size for my things. It's still dainty but still holds a lot.
  14. Here's a picture of Martha Stewart with a HUGE picotin, bigger than what I was told was a GM:[​IMG]
    courtesy Corbis.com
  15. That IS huge - must be called the GGM!!