Jige clutch

  1. Anyone loving these beauties like I am? Does anyone of u ladies have them? in what color? Would love to see how they are carried :smile:
  2. I'm a big fan of the Jige clutch too. I have a vintage Jige in black calf box which I believe to be the GM size. I had a smaller PM one but let it go because it was a bit small for me, I can't even travel light for an evening out. The GM is a good size for me, albeit perhaps a bit big for evening for most girls, because I can use it for evening and for daytime as it is large enough to take an A4 pad/agenda for business. I normally wear them as handheld or just tucked under my shoulder.

    For anyone who is a Sex in the City fan, I've seen Miranda with a Jige or two in the later series which I didn't see the first/second time round.

    Also when I was snooping around Goyard recently another customer had the most glorious Cognac (?) Jige but I was trying not to spy too much or go to green!
  3. Attached is a picture of my Jige Elan in panama with indigo box calf and white topstitching for your viewing pleasure......enjoy!
  4. elitefashion, thanks for posting photos! I was wondering what this clutch looked like. It's a very elegant clutch!:yes:
  5. The Bal Harbor FL store has one in RED croc (sigh!). I was soooo tempted but am trying to be good until I find a bag to match my croc shoes!!!

    Mmmmmmmm croc (said in my best Homer Simpson voice!)

    Lisa ;)
  6. fleursetcarline Your jige sounds elegant in box! and I agree with u on the GM size.. i think it fits more stuff and can be carried during the day as well as an evening clutch

    elitefashion2000 Thanx for posting pics, i loooove the combination of colors on ur clutch!
  7. nefariousmuze :lol: another simpsons' fan huh?!
  8. TDF. It has such a classic elegance in the toile/leather combos.:heart:
  9. I saw one in fuchsia niloticus croc a few months ago at SCP. It was gorgeous!:love: I think it was "only" $7500 or so (give or take a few hundreds)?
  10. i fell in :heart: with the Jige after I saw this pic that Constance at the fashion spot posted a while back. The color is :nuts: gorgeous.
  11. ^^^the croc kelly is fab.!! Including the briefcase too. What color is it? Too bad it's only for display and will be sent back to the museum.
  12. How much was the red croc Jige?

    I love jige and have always wanted one in Rouge VIF
  13. Have two. One in Hermes Rouge Box leather and one in gold Courchevel. Just put it under the arm kind of high like under the armpit. Very good bag for travel as it is so nice and flat in your luggage. Clutch is always good as it does not hurt the line of your jacket.
  14. Wow sounds great :yahoo: