Jiffy Lube in CA is BUSTED!

  1. :mad: Wow.... that's just incredible! But then again people working in garages like that often only care about the cash and do their job quickly so they can rake in more money.... it sucks real bad. :hrmm:

    Actually, something like that happened to my mom. She got her tires changed and they forgot to put the screws back on one. She was driving back home and she LOST A WHEEL on the boulevard, can you believe that? She was so lucky to have nothing, not even an accident, she could have gotten killed. :mad: :mad:
  2. Yep-thaty is why I only have stuff like that done by my trusted mechanic whom we have been using for 18 years. Especially being a woman-i hate going to those places alone.
  3. In 1988 in San Antonio, I took my car to Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed. They didn't do it and charged me. The reason we found out was because my hubby couldn't get the filter off, so we brought it to them instead. He checked it later and saw the same little dings that he had put into the filter trying to get it off.

    Went and got a refund and took it to another Jiffy Lube -- guess what? SAME exact thing happened!

    After that, my hubby always did it himself. Here in my little bitty small town, I go to Walmart (30 miles away in a bigger town) and they do it and they're great. Of course, I also know everybody who works there.

  4. you are lucky to have found a trusting mechanic. many of us are not so lucky.
  5. it probably is. it makes me so mad. as if its not hard enough to be a woman sometimes:shocked: .
  6. now to also worry if my car work is really being done. why is it that when i take my car to get serviced, i always get a huge list or things that need to have done in addition, but when DH takes it in, the list is always shorter.
  7. It doesn't help that managers of car dealer repair shops and places like Jiffy Lube earn commission. That can't help but color his notion of what repairs you "need." I never go to a car dealer for repairs unless they are under the warranty. Otherwise, I am sure I am getting ripped off. My regular repair shop is very honest -- they don't ever have a long list of needed repairs.
  8. WOW wtf that is so messed up. Jiffy Lube officially sucks.
  9. OMG..my DH trusted them so much..thanks for sharing...
  10. I change my own oil, and the oil on the hubby's truck. The last time I took it in to have the oil changed, it was a quart low. Now, I just do it myself so I know it's done right.
  11. weasels. thank goodness for our neighborhood mechanic! he's like a dad to us.
  12. ick. i always take it to the dealership, even if it costs more, they have a vested interest in keeping people that bought cars from them happy and on the road.
  13. dang, and I go to them everytime.. I think I am no longer getting services from them.. gosh, they charged me over 300 last month......
  14. wow that sucks a LOT! And my dad goes there all the time! I lucked out and made friends with a guy at Merchants, so, all my stuff gets done for free hehe ;) but, my dad goes to jiffy lube and so do some of my friends...guess I'll have to warn um all now...what a horrible thing to do, now they're gonna be hurtin for business.