Jiffy Lube Experience

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  1. I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts about what happened and possible ideas on how I can handle it.

    Yesterday, I went to Jiffy Lube on my way to work in the morning. I got the oil changed and they mentioned that one of my brake lights was out. To replace it was $10. So I said yes, because I probably wouldn't do it on my own.

    I got ready to pay and they charged me $20 for a LIGHT! I told the guy ringing me up that "David" said it would be $10. The manager came over and then acted like he was going to go and ask David but didn't do anything. So I had to go out into the shop and ask him myself. He said yes, he had told me it was $10 but he was wrong.

    I then asked him why he didn't ask me if it was ok and tell me the correct price. He just didn't was his response. So I told him (and when I say "told" I yelled- which is not like me - I've never yelled at anyone in public before) I'm only paying $10 or you're taking it out. So the manager came over and he told him and the manager opted to take the light out of my car after they'd already installed it.

    I was so furious. I just thought it was so unethical to do that and then to not even try and please the customer just put me over the edge.

    Any thoughts on next steps???
  2. If you paid with credit card, dispute. Please don't use these quick change places, as they rarely change the oil and they never change the filter. Also steer clear of any autonation dealer, they are worse! Good luck.
  3. I agree with the fact that they were unethical. They should've checked with you when realising the price you were quoted was wrong and asked if you'd still want it changed.

    I beg to differ though with the yelling. I feel that was really unnecessary. I would've just asked them to take it off if they weren't respecting the price you were given. If I may speak candidly... I think the yelling part must've pushed the manager's buttons and thus decided not to comply with the previous price.

    I worked in customer service for quite a while and giving an attitude doesn't help at all when you come across a situation like this. You also have to consider company policies. Sometimes as much as customers kick and scream there's nothing you can really do about it.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, I would've been upset as well. It's just not worth your energy though. Hope you get that light fixed! A hug.
  4. In California, we have the Consumer Bureau of Automotive Repair. I don't know if they have something similiar where you are. But I think they have to. I would call the better business bureau & the news. Report them to who ever you can. What they did was really wrong. I'm glad you didn't let them take advantage of you.

    Oh, I'm fuming mad right now.
  5. Wow, my husband and I go to Jiffy Lube all the time and we've never had that problem. I'd call their district office and file a complaint and see what happens.

    By the way, I don't know if it's the same law in MN as it is here in CA, but you can get a ticket for a light on your car that isn't working.

    Was it $20 for the bulb or was that for the bulb and the labor? On some cars it is a PITA to get to the bulb in the first place and it can require removing the entire housing to get to it ...
  6. well if they took it out and you didn't pay for it then there really isn't a next step, except maybe contact someone higher up that might care.

    most managers do have the ability to over rule a price so it's kinda crappy that the manager wouldn't do that for you. and it's really crappy they didn't tell you it was different before they put it in... as if you wouldn't notice or care about a $10 difference...

    i've been going to jiffy lube since for 9 years and the only problem i've ever had was that i had to wait for almost an hour (and there was maybe one other customer waiting) but in the end the guy "in charge" not really in charge cause the actual person in charge decided not to come in - gave me a coupon for half off my next oil change.

    some jiffy lubes are definately not run up to par, maybe just try a different one next. i drive all the way across town (maybe 15-20 min) to goto the one i like even though there are two that are only a couple minutes away.
  7. Here's a story on jiffy lube and their deceptive business practices:


    Since many of us are female, you should be extra careful as most of these places assume we know nothing about cars!!!

    And again, I can't stress enough do not go to autonation dealerships, they are worse!!!
  8. unless it's the air filter or something really inexpensive ($10 or less) or something i know needs replaced (like the light) i always say no to the extra stuff they try to sell you. my dad taught me that :smile: plus they're really over priced so if you think you can do it yourself you can most likely find it cheaper.

    a lady i used to work with.. she refuses to go back to jiffy lube because one time she took her vehicle there... got back home.. parked in the driveway... later moved it and there was oil ALL over her driveway...they forgot to replace the cap. she then called jiffy lube and told them they would be coming over to clean up the mess. and they did!
  9. Thanks for the advice and I don't plan on raising my voice to anyone in the service industry again - it's really not in my character I was just so frustrated by their total disregard for what they'd done.

    I never have them do any of the additional stuff but I figured the price for the light was decent considering they're doing it for me.
    I just can't believe they even charge that much for a light - it wasn't even the main brake light it was the little supplement one. That's why I was so shocked by the price.
  10. i recently had a tire blow out, i had AAA change the tire. then i drove straight to firestone tire to have them fix the tire, the guy told me it was unfixable, and showed me a puncture in my tire...he said it would be a special order for my new tire, and would cost $200 or more. i drove home on my little "donut" tire as i didn't really think that sounded right (my car is 3 months old, and i don't think the tire needed replacing)

    my husband went there the next day, and got the tire fixed for $10

    i think places like that see a woman walk through the door, and they know they can take ad vantage of us
  11. I went to jiffy lube last week for an oil change. they changed the oil and told me that I needed to have a radiator flush, not knowing anything about cars..I said OK....they did it..I left...20mins later while on the highway..my car over heats..I pull over..let the car cool down..call my BF who said that they must have not put enough coolant in my car...I called jiffy lube, they act like everything is OK...I drive there, they tell me that there was air bubbles forming and there machine didnt catch it and that the coolant was low.whos problem? not mine...they did the the boatched service...they re did the service..and I asked for my $75.00 back, they declined even though my cars engine could have DIED because of the over heating....im now in touch with the district manager to get my money back. F___ them! I will NEVER go there again.
  12. They sure do try! I tell them I'll have to talk to DH before agreeing to anything, lol.
  13. I only been to Jiffy Lube once by myself and it was a fine experience. ( My man takes care of all that now)

    But as for the $10/$20 thing...in my opinion, I think the guy just made a mistake on quoting you the wrong price. Honestly if I was in that position I would of just paid for $20 and went on my way. I work in customer care and I get yelled at everyday,all day and it's not a pleasant thing.

    Even though they quoted you a different price the second time around, at least they went back in and took it out for you as requested.

    I think that if they were trying to jip you out of another $10 on the original quoted price, then they would of not had to go back and remove it to put more time into it.

    Everyone makes mistakes. :shame:
  14. I've never had any issues with Jiffy Lube. I'm sure I've been over-charged for stuff but you know what? I can afford it, and since I know nothing about cars and don't have the time, energy or motivation to take my car all over town trying to get the best deal or whatever, it's worth it to me for the speed and convenience. Frankly I am at a loss as to why anyone would have such a fit about a charge of $20 instead of $10. Now you still don't have a brake light and have to go somewhere else to have one installed. Doesn't make sense to me.
  15. :nuts: I had that done about a month ago on my mom's SUV and they (Snelling/Cty.D shop) charged me $10. I noticed that their prices were posted inside. I also needed a radiator flush, but assured them I would come back the next day when I had more time. ;) I just do not know if it needs it, since it's not my car.

    You should definitely try to contact the managers's supervisor or whoever is higher up. Was it your first time at that JLube?

    So if JLubes or similar places are NOT reliable, where do you suggest we go to get an oil change?