JFK Terminal 4 Hermes no longer DUTY-FREE!?!

  1. So as I was escorting my grandmother to her international flight yesterday at JFK airport, I decided to peruse the Hermes store in terminal 4 since I had about 2 hours to kill and a willing and able international flyer (grandma)....I noticed the prices were much higher than expected, like around retail. Turns out the store is no longer duty free even though I was there about a year and a half ago and it was? what gives?

    Anyone know about this switcheroo?:shrugs:
  2. the duty-free shop is behind security Terminal 1

    I think that store is regular retail that sells to travelers/non-travelers who NEED their Ferragamo, Hermes, Zegna without heading to 5th Ave.
    I don't get it either, or why they can not just put them into the duty free shop there a couple of stores down and give the travelers lower prices.
  3. Aha! Thanks GG, I guess I should have asked since I had more than 2 hours to killl....

    It's so odd that the last time I was there, it was duty free in terminal 4 so it was a bit confusing...

    next time I'll hop on the monorail with Grandma and make the trip over to terminal 1

    Because that's why she flies 10 hours to see me:yes:so that we can shop duty free
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