Jewlery or bag....which one??

  1. So here the thing...

    You have a bag fund....then you find a great designed can only choose one....

    Which one???

    I just blew my bag fund on a ring (sorry no pics yet, need to pick it up) and feel unsure about it....what do you guys think...more use out of bling or bag??? Stupid I know but its just on my mind and cant seem to get it out.....:crybaby:
  2. I know this will sound sacrilegious on tpf but I will always pick bling over bag :p...does that make you feel better?
  3. yikes!
    Well, I have a thing about not buying my own jewelry.
    So I'd buy the bag and have DH buy the bling! :biggrin:
  4. bling over bag.
  5. For me, I would go for bling over bag.
  6. Bling, baby!:graucho:
  7. bling will last you a lifetime and bag.. couple of years the most.
    Bag goes out of style much faster then a bling :true:
  8. I ALWAYS buy jewelry instead of bags. Diamonds have been around for millions of years, but how long are you really going to use that bag for?

    Bling is timeless and never goes out of style. Plus it's an investment! If it ever came down to it, you can always get a reasonable price for your jewelry. The depreciation on bags is so severe that they're practically worthless, except to the owner of course ;).
  9. Bling!!!
  10. I like your style!!!!!
    But..this was hush, hush money so could not ask DH...besides, he just bought me a diamond pendant and is in no mood to hear about my bling vs. bag
  11. Yup...thaks you guys!!!!!!!!

    I do feel better was a tough one though, because this is going to be it for me for awhile.....

    Dang, where's the lotto when you really need
  12. Very good point......:yes:
  13. Bling. It goes with absolutely everything, can withstand wear a lot better than bags, and can even be handed down to the next generation still in reasonably good shape.
  14. Bling that looks like a bag? A two'er, maybe?
  15. Yes.... so true....:yes: