Jewlery Insurance

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    My mom just left the country and she reminded me to make sure I get insurance for my new ring..I had no idea I could even do that. Any advice or html links for me? I would greatly appreciate it! TIA!!
  2. I have my watch insured separately on my household insurance.
    You need to get a valuation done if you don't have the original paperwork for the ring, and then send it to the insurers so they can specify it on their documents.
  3. I was going to say exactly the same as above^^ Mine is also insured seperately on the household insurance and I was also going to recommend getting a valuation if you don't have the original docs.
  4. Definitely get it insured. I lost my engagement ring about 6 months ago and as heartbreaking as it was to lose it I would have been double devasted if it had not been insured as it was a $20,000 Tacori ring!!!! All I had to do to insure it was to provide my agent with the appraisal and a picture of my ring, he wrote up a rider ( I think that is what it is called ) to add to our homeowners policy and it was about an extra $100 or $150 per year. Definitely worth the time and money it took to get it insured!!!:yes:

    BTW....your ring is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!!!!
  5. My wedding ring is insured through the same company that provides my auto, home, mortage and life insurance :yes:
  6. ditto

  7. My wedding/engagement ring got stolen. :sad: I did NOT have it insurred separately and it could have been covered under my home owners policy with a separate rider. :sad:

    Get it insurred!!!
  8. Definitely get it insured asap!! I lost my vintage(New from old-stock) wedding band and diamond eternity ring, but luckily they were insured. :< It's still sad because I wasn't able to find the style again for the w-band.

    It would have been doubly-sad if they weren't insured.
  9. THANK YOU ALL for the fast replies..I will definitely get on it and try to include it with my auto, home and life policies. Yes, I heard it'll be easy since I have the certificate from Tiff's. Have a great week ladies, and condolensces to those who've lost their rings...:sad:
  10. wow, Tacori:drool: , congrats!!!!..and thank you.
  11. check out chubb insurance for this. i have a marine policy with them covering my jewelry. i did have to make a claim once and it was very well handled. costs are dependent on your location. some areas are considered more of a risk than others.
  12. Chubb and Fireman's Fund are good jewelry insurers.
  13. mine is as a separate part of my homeowners insurance through travelers. it costs me like $120 for the year with a $500 deductible for $21,500 of coverage (the appraised value of my ring - dang thing appraises higher and higher every year which just makes the insurance more, oh well, I love it no matter what), full replacement including if I lost it (not all policies will cover loss or damage (I had a friend chip her tiffany diamond in the dryer and her policy replaced it completely, some only cover theft)

    you will have to have it professionally appraised, but that's no big deal. get it insured ASAP!
  14. Thirding Chubb, I'm so happy with them. I had to make a claim and it was completely 'no hassle'.
  15. We had to have a completely seperate policy as we have the max on our home insurance and they won't cover one item for the value of my ring (it ain't cheap LOL). We went though Farmers I believe!?! Oh and ours is $1,300 a year!
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