Jewish Weddings

  1. What are Jewish weddings like? I am christian myself but i am absolutly in love with jewish guys... No matter where I turn I adore them all. I just want to know what a jewish wedding is like.. I hear they have a lot of rituals which is really cute!! Also do jewish people go to church every sunday like christians? how long is church? do they have any rituals there? Thanks everyone
  2. Interesting questions there. you don't seem to know really anything about Judaism. first of all, Jewish people do not go to church, they go to synagogue or temple. And, they go on Friday nights and Saturdays and Jewish holidays. Not on Sundays, Sundays is a holy day for Christians, not Jews. The last time I was in temple was a very very long time ago-I really don't remember how long the service was.

    As for rituals at weddings? Well, that would depend on how religious the couple is and how they want their wedding. Just like Christian couples-they get to choose. Hubby is Jewish (I am not), but not religious at all. We were married by a Rabbi and hubby broke the glass at our wedding after we both drank a sip of wine from it, but, we didn't have a chupah (sp?), hubby didn't wear a yarmulkeh and i didn't walk around him 7 times as I have seen at other weddings. So, again, it all depends on what the couple wants.

    if you are truly interested in learning about the Jewish faith, I would suggest buying the book "The Jewish Book Of Why", it will answer a lot of your questions.
  3. Hi. I am Jewish by heritage. I currently do no practice but both my mom and dad are Jewish. I really couldnt tell you what a Jewish wedding is like, surprisely never been to one, with the fact I grew up in a prodomently jewish town and most of my friends are but anyway it really depends on the couple and how into the faith they are. As for "church" as Nishi already explained its called a temple of a synagogue. It's mainly Fri and Saturday ( you go both if you are celebrating the sabbath) some services are only offered to men at one time or women at another ( it depends on the temple) I went to one where the women had to sit behind a curtain away from the men while they prayed. Showing respect to god, you always cover your head and shoulders. There is where the yamakkas come in. As for jewish guys, my mother is obviously pushing for me to marry one but i refuse. :p
  4. oh wow thank you so much!! im learning so much everyday!!! quick question what is it called when you sit in the synagogue and men and women sit seperate.. thank you so much im buying that book right now. I have such a thing for jewish men!!! Im christian as well so i am kinda like you. Were his parents annoyed or were they cool about it? him not marrying another jewish woman? thanks
  5. just bought the book
  6. I just went to my first Jewish wedding last month! Actually it was a Persian Jewish wedding (call me ignorant, but I had no idea there were Jews in Iran until I met my friend!) and it was sooo much fun! The whole ceremony was in Hebrew, so I didn't understand a thing, but it was so festive!