1. Lets post some pics of our favorite peices of toki jewerly, necklaces, braclets, earrings everything!

  2. wow, i didn't know that the pendants were so big! i've never seen any of the jewelry in real life, so i was under the impression that they were waaaay smaller. now i have to get me some pieces. thanks for posting!
  3. The jewelry is really big, I have one of the dog tags and it's about 3 1/2 inches long (that's an approximate guess), but it's great because you can see all of the detail! I want to get the TD birdie necklace, but I don't know how big that one is.
  4. Here's my favorite Tokidoki necklaces that I have. :love:
    Strawberry Latte

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Pink Bullet Front and Back
  5. Here's what I have right now(Sandy necklace and Playground bracelet):


    I have the Storm Cloud necklace on my Xmas list. :graucho:
  6. is the sandy charm on the necklace a little bigger than the one in the playground bracelet?
  7. i have the playground bracelet. it's a little long on me and i just clasp it to fit my wrist.
  8. Yeah ruthjoy- the necklaces are really big.. when i got it i was suprised that the chain was really long, about 25 inches. Also its hard to just throw on another clasp because the skull and cross bones is fixed so it would be way off to the side.

    WOW! the braclett is super cute tho! I make my own jewlry and I was thinking about getting the braclett, removing the charms and making 7 diffrent necklaces (or however many there were on the braclete) ;)
  9. i was thinking about doing the same thing, but just removing one or two. but some of them that are available as necklaces are bigger compared to those that are in the bracelet. that's why i asked angelic*ruin the question.
  10. Yup. :yes: But you could easily use the charms as pendants. I know several girls on the forums have.