Jewerly Suggestions $800-$2,000?

  1. My fiance surprised me with a trip to Tiffany's the other day, but I just couldn't find anything I really wanted in a price range of $800-2,000 or so. I have no idea what he's planning on spending, but that seems a decent guess. So I'm looking for suggestions, other jewelry stores are fine as long as the jewerly is pretty good quality.

    One idea I had was Tahitian pearl earrings - beautiful, but they seemed to hang off my ear too much due to their size and I'm too worried to get clip backs on earrings like that. Is that normal? Also, is Mikimoto better for pearls?

    The jewelry doesn't have to be Tiffany but I'd prefer something classic, white gold or platinum, preferably diamonds, but probably not anything with colored stones, unless they are rock crystal or moonstones. I'm just stuck. I was thinking maybe a Cartier trinity ring in white gold as an option? I think the love bracelets are much more expensive, maybe $3-4,000?

    I already have regular pearl earrings, so these might be nice, but are they everyday? I'm also wondering if they're a little over budget, but I don't know. A single diamond in yellow gold is also an option, but I prefer platinum because it matches my engagement ring.


    Here are the black pearls.