Jewels are indeed a girl's best friend! :)

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've been depressed for the past weeks (must be my body has been changing dramatically as I'm almost 7 mos. pregnant)... thought a "bag-fix" could help me as bags usually lift my spirits up... but could not find anything i really wanted.. then i went into a Tiffany boutique.. saw the Atlas sterling silver earrings... tried it,loved it.. got it... felt better... 3 days after... went back to Tiffanys & saw the round link earrings in silver & gold... tried it.. felt pretty for the 1st time in many weeks... loved it! got it!.... a week after went to a local jewelry designer & he showed me his new collection... loved his earrings in garnet, sapphire & amethys.. so got it too... boy was i feeling better!.... to top it all off... my mother gave me a freshwater necklace with pink opal stones!!.. Believe it or not I'm feeling sooo much better now! ..... Jewels are indeed a girl's bestfriend!! :yes::tup::yes:

    I've attached photos of my "goodies".. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i do :smile:

    ps. LOVE everyone's jewels! :heart:

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  2. oops! sorry for the pdf file... i've attached a jpg file of my new goodies :smile:
  3. Love all your stuff! Could you maybe post a pic wearing the tiffany's earrings? I'm getting an atlas necklace and I've been looking into those earrings. Everything is lovely! congrats!!!
  4. Thanks!:heart: ... attached is a photo of my atlas earring.. it's not too clear as i just took it from the computer... hope it helps!... btw, i'm thinking of getting the necklace too!:smile:
  5. Thanks for the pic! I love how it looks. It's hard to tell from the web site how they will hang from the ear. They look good--not too long or short. Wear them in good health and good luck with the pregnancy!
  6. Congrats. I love your story.
  7. congrats on the new goodies, and congrats on your new "little" venture!!:wlae:
  8. Thank you!!.. Can't wait for my little one to arrive...:heart::heart::heart:
  9. great pieces..congrats :smile:
  10. Oh my!!!! I love, love your multi gem earrings!!!!!

    What lovely pieces they all are!!!!

  11. Gorgeous Atlas earrings! I have the ring and I love it!
    All your goodies are wonderful. Congratulations on the pregnancy!