1. Thanks Ms Whitney for pointing out it was available for order.....

    I stopped in at King of Prussia again today...and asked AGAIN if they had the book and they did. I ordered the 1/2 inch silver with silver signature bangle. We tried to order some earings too...but it wouldn't let them order those for me yet. Can't wait for my bracelet to show up though!!
  2. do you know when the jewelry will be avaliable in store?
  3. No...KoP said they were not going to GET it in the store...and its one of the bigger stores I've shopped my only option (outside going to Madison Ave in NYC) was to order it.
  4. Cool, so glad you got your bracelet. Enjoy!
  5. According to the Sunday Inquirer Image Section of tomorrow's paper, the jewelry line will be available at local stores, including King of Prussia, Cherry Hill Mall & Center City.

    They have the Legacy Satchel on pg 1 of that section, in whiskey and more photos on pg M6!
  6. HM....I dunno....they told me at KoP today that the would NOT have the jewelry.....don't know where those other stores are...
  7. is all the jewelry sterling silver?
  8. I don't know either. See the article in tomorrow's paper. Anyway, how did you like the new stuff in the book?
  9. Actually its more gold than silver....and the bracelets have in inlayed color... in fact...I was looking at the 3/4 inch bracelet...but it was actually a white thats why I went down to the 1/2 inch so I could get the silver inlay. There were some necklaces too...but they were all gold tones.

    But I really liked all the silver stuff..and I was bummed they said we couldn't order the earings yet...they were too cute!
  10. i'm just trying to figure out if i'll be allergic to it...
    i hate falling in love with jewelry and then not be able to wear it.
  11. I am so happy coach is carrying jewelry again:yahoo:
  12. will they have it on their website??? (there are no Coach stores near me )
  13. oh its sterling silver? I thought it was stainless steel and gold?
  14. you welcome!

    it says that legacy stores should get it around mid-october, so that should be soon! and some pieces, bangles mainly, are available november 16th in most stores.

    =) there's also the dog carrier which is now orderable, with matching sweater or in the legacy stripe, carrier 398$ and jackets 168$ if anyone is interested.
  15. can't wait to see the pictures! i tried to find out the width of it on tools of the trade but alas, no luck in getting approximately how big or small it is.