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  1. In your opinion, who is the most prestigious jeweler in the world? In London?

    I want to get a piece, but I figured since I'm here (London), I might as well get somethinking from a British jeweler. I can get Cartier and Tiffany's anytime.
  2. Daz true, however, i still think Cartier is great at all time, anywhere
  3. Don't forget Asprey & Garrard! If they're good enough for the British monarchy, they're good enough for me.
  4. Btwn Boodles and Asprey, which one would be deemed "better"? I've never been to any of them, was always more Cartier, Bulgari, etc...
  5. I love Cathy Waterman jewelry.
  6. I'd probably say Asprey is "better". They have a store on 5th Avenue aswell so when your back in NYC you'll be able to pop in.
  7. WOW! I didn't know they made the Coeur de la Mer! Now I really want something from them, since I got a little extra spending money...but not much.

    I really like their Keira ring (named after Keira Knightley of course, it's on their website), but I never really liked Keira the person, so that aspect is keeping me from getting the ring. It really is a cute ring though! What do you guys think?
  8. I'm sure if you go to Harrod's, they'll be able to point you in the right direction.
  9. Garrard has a great line of jewerly designed by Jade Jagger, there is a by-appointment store in Soho, where I picked up a wing necklace recently. The jewerly is very hip and rock and roll - apparently a huge hit in Japan.

    Otherwise I prefer British fashion to jewerly i.e. Westwood and McQueen.:heart: