1. Are their any good sites to buy jewelry? I've been looking for a certain type of bracelet, but can't find it in local stores. Are their any good sites for for good jewelry? Or should I just try more stores off line? :shame:
  2. if you describe the bracelet for us maybe we can help u out with moy sites.....i can think of lotsa jewelry sites off the top of my head but not really sure what you're looking for :oh:
  3. Kind of like a tennis bracelet, but with bigger stones. It doesn't have to be diamods. Any gem.
  4. Thanks for all your help. Those sites are pretty helpful. I like that bracelet too. Really cute.
  5. Speaking of jewelry, there was this nut on the Dr. Phil show on Friday (4/7), she has an issue with people who don't put the separators after their order on the conveyor belt at the grocery store. Anyhow, she had on the lovliest necklace. It was a simple gold chain with what appeared to be plain gold "coins" hanging across it. If anybody know where I could find one similar, please let me know....
  6. something like this?

  7. ^^^hehe nevermind. That's a cool necklace.
  8. It was simpler than that... It was a gold chain, maybe 17 or 18 inches, with maybe 6 flat solid gold (could've been real or costume) discs hanging from it. They were about the size of a quarter, and the discs were space far enough apart that they were not touching each other. It was really shiny and pretty.
  9. I don't know anything about that necklace, but she sure was a nut. I kinda wanna track her down and catch her in the act of putting those batteries in with my groceries. What a luni
  10. jc2239, you are like the encyclopedia of shopping. BTW, my initials are jc!