Jewelry w/ your purse?

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  1. Hi ladies....I have always pondered this but never you always have to match your jewelry w/ your bag, or does it not matter? for example: if the bag has gold-colored hardware, do you have to wear gold jewelry? Would it look weird wearing silver jewelry if you had gold hardware on your bag? and vice versa?

    I know this is an odd question...but it has always bugged me! lol :shame:
  2. I don't think that's an issue for me. It is more like gold watch w/gold earrings, silver watch w/silver earrings. If I wear a belt I will usually match the buckle to my jewelry.
    These days I don't think you have to match your bag to your shoes. You can wear Chanel bags w/jeans.. I don't think it matters unless you plan to go on the red carpet somewhere.
    That's just my opinion, though
  3. :lol:
    I can't even imagine thinking about this. :blink:
    I just grab my bag and go.

    I thought we left the matching stuff
    behind but I think it's had a resurgence as I see this mentioned on other forums. Please don't make me match- not gonna do it! :lol::biggrin::lol::biggrin:
  4. Yea I always match my jewelry. And I match my jewelry w/ my belt too. Never cared about matching my shoes w/ my bag though.
  5. Yea I know it sounds kinda ridiculous haha...but o well I think about some pretty random things sometimes!! :lol:
  6. I couldn't care less whether my purse matches my jewelry.
  7. I don't like yellow gold jewelry or goldtone hardware on bags, so most of my bags are silvertone. I usually match because that's what I like. I don't necessarily match my bag & shoes.
  8. Maybe purses need to match occasions. Like are you going to the ballet or to a ballgame? Although, back in the day, at the University of Kentucky (1980's), I remember the "well-to-do ladies" wearing their minks and sipping their bourbon and cokes at the football game.
    I just can't see going to the Eagles game in a fur or my most expensive bag in today's world. Some idiot would probably spill their drink on it.
  9. PurseSlave, don't worry. You're not the only one. My bf got me a silver Tiffany's open heart necklace and I feel it clashes with the gold tone on my Speedy! I wear one or the other..
  10. Originally posted by kahluamilk
    He sound's like a keeper!
  11. Definitely! I love Tiffany's!! I have the same prob lol
  12. Not an issue for me, but my key rings have to match the hardware on my purse for sure.