Jewelry Television?

  1. I have been looking at the jewelry television website and was wondering if any of you ladies have gotten anything through them. And if so how did the purchase turn out?
  2. I've purchased jewlery through in the past...all very good and fantastic deals. It's channel least in New York City.
  3. I have no personal experience with Jewelry Television. However, it's always "buyer beware" with these situations. I would dip your toe in a teeny bit before diving with with any large purchase.
  4. I don't think I would use it. It always seems so shady to me when I watch it!?!
  5. I've tried twice. One time, pave diamond earrings, and although they were pretty, they didn't match. They were supposed to be squares, and one was more "square" than the other. Another time I bought one of their gem parcels, but when I looked at the stones through a loupe, lots of them had tiny chips on the facets. Also, I didn't know what a lot of the stones were. I still like to watch, but I like to see what I'm buying first, it's such a hassle to send things back.