Jewelry Storage - How do you store your jewelry?

  1. I thought it would be fun if we shared what we put our jewelry in, whether a simple box, draped on the table, a vintage case you found in Italy one day.. or maybe a family heirloom?
  2. Boxes, boxes, boxes galore. I have a couple of giant pewter jewelry boxes I found at flea markets overseas, and then I use the original boxes the jewelry came in. I'd like to find a nice jeweled egg box to add to my collection.
  3. I have two jewelry boxes. One is a large wooden box from Bailey, Banks & Biddle that I use for earrings only (I have a lot of earrings!) Then I have a smaller box with a few little drawers that I use for rings, bracelets, and pins -- generally I don't wear those pieces much.

    Those are both on my dresser. On the wall behind the dresser, just above them, my boyfriend hung this for me:

    The Container Store: Cedar 24-Peg Tie Rack

    I hang my necklaces on it. :smile: I have a ton of necklaces, so I needed something that would hold a lot. Each peg has at least one necklace and some have 2-3.
  4. I keep the bulk of it in an oak jewelry armoire but the most frequently worn pieces in a couple of crystal and ceramic dishes.
  5. I have two very large jewelry boxes that hold all of my necklaces, rings, and some of my earrings (mostly the studs). The dangle earrings hang on thumbtacks on a bulletin board. My bracelets are in a record bowl. I also have a ton of little jewelry boxes for when I run out of room elsewhere.
  6. My necklaces are on hooks on the wall to either side of my vanity. I have a cardboard backed picture of Mt. Fuji hanging beside my vanity, too, that I have pierced holes in along the bottom, and most of my dangle earrings hang from that, with some posts (mostly ones I don't wear anymore) in holes in the centers of the plum blossoms in the picture.

    I have a bracelet bar for my bracelets, and a small porcelain dish in the bathroom for frequently worn earrings. Also a couple of standing earring stands there, too for the frequently worn dangle earrings. Many small boxes for special pieces, too.

    I really need to find a nice big jewelry case to put everything in.
  7. major pieces are in the bank.

    trinkets are stored in an old cookie tin box! LOL!
  8. Safe deposit box for me too, although I'm thinking about getting a safe at home.

    Everyday stuff is in the top drawer of my dressing table which has velvet compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.
  9. Tons of boxes! I love collecting tiny boxes too, although sometimes it's not the most practical as then my jewelry is scattered everywhere lol!
  10. I have a gorgeous wood jewerly box which has compartments for earrings, watches, and two hanging racks for necklaces inside. Very generous birthday gift from my Mom a few years ago!

    The box is rather large but I'm running out of room. Since I've started collecting Juicy necklaces I'm using the cool black boxes they came in to store the necklaces and they look great stacked on my dresser!
  11. welcome to my jewelry box!
  12. Love it! What a great idea!:idea:
  13. I've got one of those jewelry boxes lined with velvet that has been coated with an anti-tarnish treatment, so I don't have to polish my silver David Yurman pieces so frequently!
  14. I keep all my earrings in the boxes they come in from the jewelers and then I just stack them up in a drawer.

  15. What an awesome idea! I love this!