Jewelry stamp reference? KT, PLAT, 925, etc?

  1. I am still clueless about jewelry stamps, and despite googling I can't seem to find a good list of jewelry stamp meanings. I know things like 925, but I have seen weird ones too.
    Here's is a couple of good sites I found:

    From that site, I gather:
    Metal: Compulsory Mark
    9ct gold 375
    14ct gold 585
    18ct gold 750
    22ct gold 916
    99% pure gold 990
    99.9% pure gold 999
    800 grade silver 800
    sterling silver 925
    Britannia Silver 958 9
    9.9% pure silver 999
    85% Platinum 850
    90% Platinum 900
    95% (UK standard) Platinum 950
    99.9% pure Platinum 999

    Some things off the top of my head:

    K, KT Karat, as in gold 14K, 18K
    PLAT Platinum
    CZ Cubic zirconia
  2. Hello! I have a old necklace. I don't know how old it is, found it in a old barn.

    It's a long chain on it, very very detailed, with a Celtic cross as jewel. I've looked on it under a digital magnifying glass, and think I've recovered some numbers, but as it is a old necklace some numbers have been hard to recognize. These are the numbers I could recover, although they might not be 100% accurate: 501, 3028, 1302, 2091 and H.L5 (or E).

    I've been searching on the internet about these codes, but I've not found anything that can help me. If anyone know, could you please enlighten me about what type of metal my necklace is made of? It's silver colored by the way. Not glossy.
  3. You should totally post this on pricescope as well, in RockyTalky specifically. Whoever can answer here will but there are many jewelers over there also.
  4. Thanks for the tip, i'll post it there aswell :smile:.
  5. Thanks for the info! I just got a white gold bracelet which has 750 I just assumed it was bad quality silver :p lol