jewelry shops on the internet?

  1. Hi guys!

    I was just looking around on the internet today trying to find a website that sold earrings because i just keep losing them (about a pair a fortnight!), and I just couldn't find any decent online jewelers.

    Does anybody know of any? I'm looking for delicate studs, with or without gems and maybe necklaces and earrings to go along with them.

  2. I'll go ahead and pimp my own site. LOL :smile: I have a lot of earrings in different styles - and do custom orders as well.

    I can also suggest Future Fashionista- Earrings - she's also a tPF member (japster) and she works in gold. She rocks!

    Good luck!
  3. KathrynRiechert dainty dandelion earrings.jpg Kathryn Riechert starflower stud earrings.jpg KathrynRiechert fernf fossil earrings.jpg
  4. howlindoggie mad chandelier earrings.jpg amandajo freshwater pearl and bali silver earrings.jpg aprettyrock silver daisy blooms.jpg ninadesigns lil flower studs.jpg cheepcheep pop art glass stud earrings.jpg
  5. ooh. thanks guys.
    i didn't even know this etsy site existed. hehe..
  6. :yes: Me too! I absolutely love this website! :love: Their customer service is outstanding! The jewelry is so amazing and beautiful! I highly recommend shopping online with them!

  7. Don't forget They don't have studs, but they do have some wonderful things and will do custom stuff if you ask. All of my jewelry is from there, I love them! The customer service is wonderful--they even sent me a christmas card with earring and a handwritten note. If you sign up for their mailing list they send you some pretty handy discounts.
  8. ross-simons
  9. I would recommend
    I have bought a few things there so far, all of them of superior quality.
  10. the artjewelry collective is only stocking earrings at the moment in their boutique
    Worth a check, lots of different styles and prices.

    Keep losing them and enjoy buying more of them :smile: