Jewelry shops on Etsy

  1. Hello, as there are so many talented jewelry sellers on Etsy, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread focusing solely on jewelry shops on that awesome site :smile: Danglebeads and contrary are two sellers I bought a few pairs of earrings from last month:

    danglebeads's Etsy Shop - Two-Toned Czech Glass Cluster Earrings - Teal & Fuchsia - Free Shipping

    danglebeads's Etsy Shop - Forget Me Not Floral Cluster Earrings - Free Shipping

    contrary's Etsy Shop - SEWING MACHINE earrings

    contrary's Etsy Shop - ANTIQUE TYPEWRITER KEY necklace

    contrary's Etsy Shop - Antique Silver FORK bracelet cuff
    danglebeads two toned Czech glass cluster earrings.jpg danglebeads forget me not floral cluster earrings.jpg contrary sewing machine earrings.jpg contrary antique typewriter key necklace.jpg contrary antique silver fork bracelet cuff.jpg
  2. Tomoko coral pink Japan sakura necklace.jpg Tomoko daisy flower earrings.jpg Tomoko Japan Sakura necklace.jpg viridian superstar beaded ponytail holder.jpg viridian beaded ponytail holder.jpg
  3. Triplelle dice bracelet.jpg Triplelle pink dragonfly earrings.jpg
  4. Some very interesting stuff! Thanx Passerby!