Jewelry Semi Annual at Macy's

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  1. Macy's stores are having a jewelry semi annual (mainly cuz V-day is coming soon) both in stores and online. The sale starts on Sunday Febuary 1st instores. It is happening online now. It is probably better to go instores because you get 50% off plus if you have the coupon an additional 20% off. Also, if you are buying gold with the 20% savers pass (coupon) you get 50% off +10% off+ 20% off. The online store is having a similar sale, but the better deal is in store. Happy SHopping! I think I will get a piece or two.:P

    If Shopping online use the code (free shipping on jewelry purchases $125 or more): VALENTINE
  2. Thanks. I need a small pair of gold stud earrings and was waiting for the next sale.
  3. ^^ speaking of earrings, in the catalog they had some certified colorless 18k gold earrings .50 TCW for $799.00. I thought is a decent deal.
  4. bumping just in case anyone missed this deal for jewelry! I think I'm going to get a gold necklace for the summer. If anyone gets anything post what you bought.
  5. anywhere I can get the in-store coupon?
    I don't have local newspaper, so I don't get the coupons. TIA!
  6. They had a stack of catalogs in the store that I visted recently with the coupon. Check the store or try their online site to see if they off the coupons.