Jewelry Question!

  1. This is probably a stupid question but I'd rather ask you ladies versus taking it to the store. Is there any way I can tell if a ring is real gold/real diamonds? I'm packing up the dorm and started looking through my jewelry box and found a ring I forgot I took from my mom a long time ago. Its a gold band with emeralds and diamonds, but its kind of beat up so I assumed it was costume jewelry. Is there any way to tell for sure though?
  2. You can take it into any jewler and they can test it for of charge.
  3. ^^^The jewelers around here charge like 20 to do that...
  4. Oh ...I took a few of my grandmothers things in and there was no charge...Im sure it depends on where you live like all things! I stand corrected. sorry.
  5. ^^^Yeah, it depends on where ya live.
  6. You could probably take it into a pawn shop and ask to have it valued. They'll definitely test it for you then.
  7. gold pieces usually have hallmarks in them like 14k or 585, etc.
  8. ^^^ that will tell you if the gold is real...not so much the stones! I never thought of a pawn shop...(they scare me) BUT that would be free!
  9. Diamonds are far harder than cz, so the 'corners' of the facets (where one facet 'edge' meets another) should look sharper on a diamond.

    Many genuine antique/vintage pieces are not marked, so you cannot rely on that, I'm afraid.
  10. Look for 750 (18k) or 585 (14k) or 10k, but some pieces are unmarked. Emeralds, unless they are of very high quality, should show some inclusions (i.e. cloudiness or flaws). You're best off taking it to a jeweler.
  11. ^^^yeah, a good first step is to look for any markings w/ karet info on the inside of the band. As far as the diamond, they are supposed to scratch glass, so you could -- gently! -- try that. But to be sure you kind of need the jeweler.

    If you find any unfamiliar markings and post them here we can probably help figure out what they mean.
  12. Thanks ladies! I knew I could count on you for help!

    Well I tried to take pictures of it, but my camera is crap so they just come out as big blurry messes and that wont be of any help. This is what I've observed so far after reading all your advice -

    • I was going to try scratching glass with the diamonds, but they are too small and inset too far.
    • The emeralds are cloudy, they kind of look like waves inside.
    • There are no engravings (10K etc) in the inside (but then again its an old ring), but there's something I cant read. Looks like a G and then I cant recognize the rest.
    • The rubbed off engraving indicates to me that its not real gold.
    I'll be going home early May so I'm going to ask my mom, but if I remember this weekend I might try and ask a jewelry store since I doubt I'll run across any pawn shops.

    Thank you so much guys!