Jewelry pairing help please

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  1. i want a juste un clou ring slim version in yg for my 25th birthday. I wanted to wear it on my index finger on my left hand but I was wondering if it wouldn’t be too much with my wedding set? I also wear a yellow gold ring on my right hand but no bracelets. I don’t know if I should not add anymore jewelry to what I wear daily and abondon the idea of the juste un clou for a Gucci bag.
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  2. The ring will last you a lot longer than the bag ... and I don't see why it wouldn't play nicely with your look on that hand!
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  3. Go try it on... if you fall in love and love the way it looks as a finger stack, then get it and wear it with pride... if you just like it as a finger stack, you can always wear it on the other hand. Since you are feeling the idea of the Juste Un Clou, I think it's calling you and calling you by your name... lol.
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  4. Love the thin juc ring I own two my favorite rings by far ! You won’t regret as I mix and match my metals they all like go together
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  5. I wouldn’t wear it on same hand. I think it will take away from the beauty of your wedding set.
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  6. I would not wear the wedding set and the JUC on the same hand. Your wedding set is so pretty, it would take away its spotlight. Given the choice, I always prefere jewelry to a bag, unless you really need a new bag.
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  7. Thank you everyone for your feedback! The JUC is definitely calling me lol I tried on the one with Diamonds because they had very low stock and didn’t have the one I wanted to see and I definitely loved it and my husband liked it too.
  8. I’m going to try the JUC for my right hand too and see if that works but everyone is definitely right that it’s a better choice than a bag.
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  9. I think you should get the JUC for your right hand. I love your nails by the way!
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Cartier > Gucci! A ring stack says a lot about your personality... you should go for it! You also can wear it solo or switch it up... I used to think that other rings detract from my wedding set but there are days where I only wear my wedding set depending on outfit or event.
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