Jewelry or Hermes

  1. Every time i go to buy something Hermes I think that i can be buying a pretty nice piece of jewelry. Do feel the same way?
  2. yes, absolutely -- there's a big part of me that can justify large sums spent on gems and precious metals more easily than with handbags. i probably wouldn't be collecting expensive bags if i hadn't already fleshed out the jewelry collection to the point that i'm now paring it down to the core pieces -- e.g., if i didn't already have my black South Sea pearl necklace, i think i would buy that before a couple of h bags. well, acutally i know i would -- 'cause i DID!
  3. YES! I felt that way several times. And each time I caved and bought that jewlery or a different bag- but I am wanting a birkin or kelly! I think there is a place for both- all in good time!
  4. Me too, DQ - Already got the pearls, diamond studs, Trinity.....I still buy almost any 18th Century jewelery in good condition I stumble across. But if I didn't have my coffer fairly full, I wouldn't be buying the bags....this is true. And it's funny but the older I get, the less jewelery I want....only the select pieces I tend to wear over and over again. And these are usually pieces that have personal meaning.
  5. Hermes makes some beautiful gold and diamond jewelry that costs the price of a Kelly without diamonds.....and up;) with.
  6. timely thread. my mom just told me that she has a pearl necklace for me from my grandmother. it's worth my precious dream bolide and some change. i'm not a pearl person, i would rather have the bag, but then i know i won't have anything as valuable to give to dd or her child if i pass on the pearls. i mean these bags hold up well and everything, but they don't retain value the way jewelry will. but if i had gotten cash instead, i would have bought a bag for sure, no question about it. i only need my watch, no other jewelry, so yes, 120% i would take bags over jewelry every time.
  7. Oooh, this is so weird! I lost a new pearl earring the other night and said to myself, "this is why you collect bags"... I think jewelry is pretty and if I ever get married, I'll wear a ring but the fact is I lose tiny things eventually...
  8. I think you need just a small collection of Hermes bags and a small collection of fine jewelry...and you are doing mighty fine!
  9. I would prefer a large jewelry collection and a smally key hermes pieces.
  10. No, I would rather buy Hermes than jewelry. I am not that into jewelry, I only wear pieces I have inherited or that my parents have given me for special birthdays. I wear the same strand of pearls and pearl stud earrings almost everyday.
  11. Sounds like a fabulous plan!:graucho:
  12. I'm about neck and neck between the two. My mother gave me nearly all her jewelry about four months ago, but she is a bracelet and ring person and I love earrings. So I've been rounding that out in the meantime. Now that I'm nearly done (for the moment), I've promised myself a Birkin by year end.
  13. I have pretty much all the jewelry I'd want in my wedding/engagement/anniversary bands and pearls plus a few Tiffany pieces and my H enamel bracelet (which I wear every day) so now I'm concentrating on H. :yes:
  14. HA! I asked DH a long time ago to "add" to my engagement ring (it is a solitare emerald-cut diamond - I wanted to add another diamond either side - big ones)....Christmas this year he made me the offer of the Chamonix Birkin or the ring upgrade....I chose the Birkin......It DOES feel weird, I must admit.

    I already (like most of you) have the "basics" in my jewellery wardrobe, so I don't feel like I'm missing out, but it DOES still feel strange to knock back diamonds for a handbag....
  15. bags for me also!

    I do not like to wear takes too much effort and yes you might loose it! I don't think my Kelly will drop into the sink by accident but a ring or a diamond can! Since I am so careless, I think jewellery requires too much attention.