Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

  1. :hugs:
  2. ^I'm glad it was worth the wait. larimar is really beautiful...the color especially.

    ^are you having a fun summer?
  3. That was exactly my BFs point. But it's okay-- I know deep down I want perlee rings from vca and a swing ring/yellow diamond rings from Tiffany so I shouldn't buy anything at this point.
  4. It was okay, I'm not used to vacations where you get up, lay on the beach, shower and primp for dinner, then kill time before bed on repeat. I love to explore cities and truly experience the country instead of never leaving the resort. Plus it was with a large portion of my bf's family so there was tons of drama. Even at my bday dinner- bf dad stormed off bcuz of the mom, daughters were mad at the dad, older daughter was crying for 5 minutes then laughing at someone the next, aunt and uncle were bickering.... It was a lot to handle and it's hard because the sisters no matter how nice and welcoming I am toward them- and they've known me for 4 years, they as his dad says have this inferiority complex from the moms side and there's no pleasing any of them. I felt so uncomfortable in my room because the older sister made a big deal about the rooms since we weren't married... So the younger sister stayed w us which was no problem but as again the dad said the big sister was in the rlittle sisters ear the whole time, was extremely moody whenever I was in the room.. Excluded me. It was very frustrating. Especially when I realized that they weren't giving me a gift this year- which is fine but they always make a big deal if it happened to them. And this year they both received Tiffany's from me even though I normally get like a clearance item or a little gift card but this year nothing. So it was like a symbol of how they feel toward me i guess. So while it was nice to spend time w my bf, it was a lot to handle but after hearing his dad say those things i've realized not to try anymore and to just continue to be respectful but to not try so hard and welcome my distance.

    The larimar is nice but now way overpriced. It started getting popular on the islands years ago and I guess it's been booming with tourists so the prices are significantly higher. However the silver settings they are placed in are of very poor quality and will. Break before the trip ends. The stone to me reminds me of a hybrid of turquoise and chaldony if that makes sense.

    That sounds like an awesome vaca!!!!! What a lucky dd! That should be a great experience for you
  5. Sets and unfortunately the fair came to the resort and already left
  6. :flowers:Aww that doesn't sound very fun...sometimes it seems like no matter what, the inlaw issues come into play. And everyone's family dynamics are different, it's hard to get thrown into the mix for an extended time, let alone on an island! Don't let the sisters' behavior bother you, it doesn't sound like it even had anything to do with you. Some people are difficult to please, and will find fault however they can, and take it out on whoever they can!
  7. ugh. They sound fun. NOT.
  8. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me how to tell a real David Yurman ring from a fake? I'd like to buy one off eBay but it'd be my first DY piece. Thanks!
  9. You can say that again!

    I'm trying hard not to but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth for when they are nice to me, knowing now that they talk about me poorly, it all seems fake now but the way I see it if one of them feels inferior to me without me doing anything to her to make her feel that way that I am gaining momentum in success in my life.
  10. All I'm going to say is be careful, and remember when you get married, you marry the WHOLE family.

    I'm super thankful to have such great in laws that I can happily spend time with.
  11. I'm sorry about the BF's family. They sound kinda "drama prone" least you know what's in store for you.
    Be nice but keep your distance. As Lana posted, unfortunately you also get his family in the package deal!
  12. Yeah seriously. I just have to keep my mouth shut. If the worst they could say is little comments and making mountains out of nonexistent mole hills, I'm going to try to not be bother by it anymore.
    In 4 years if we are still together and want to marry, his family will def make or break it! But nothing I have to worry about anytime soon lol.

    On a positive note. Anyone know of a dupe for these eddie borgo bracelets everyone is wearing? I've been working on saving so much for big nice classic pieces, I miss having some fun pieces to play around with. Idk if I should just buy this or continue to look for a dupe.. hmm!

    IDK if I should look for yellow or rose gold.
  13. I have the Eddie Borgo silver in the large. Check the forum someone has the RG.
  14. I am about to actually cause physical harm to someone in my life who doesn't grasp that I don't want spoilers of Gymnastics.