Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

  1. Did u have breakfast at Mamas on Washington square on north beach? The wait is crazy but it's so worth it. I also love Tonys pizza... Make sure to try philz coffee before u leave too if u are a coffee lover!

    Uniqlo has some great cashmere if i remember? I wish we had them closer... I think the only one ive been to are in Japan. In general, the States tend to lack stores like MUJI and uniqlo that specialize in those nice and reasonably priced plain basic type of quality clothing. Or well, at least in my opinion... I'd like if everytime I wanted a nice quality plain white tank top, I didn't have to go to James Perse or spend over $50.
  2. That is so great! I saw a lot of H Evelyne bags yesterday, and I was thinking of you.

    That is so sad. :sad:
  3. So, I'm sure ya'll will see my reveal down below, but I am SO EXCITED ABOUT MY NEW BRACELET!!!
    juste3.jpg juste4.jpg
  4. I love the movie friends with benefits.
  5. How perfect! A nail to go with the screw bracelet!
  6. that looks cool! is it YG? what was the occasion?
  7. OMG love it!!!!! I didn't think I would, but I do!
  8. I know! I love that Cartier's stuff isn't too "precious".

    She said it was for my 10th wedding anniverary in June. :smile:

    Me TOO!!! I didn't think I liked it at first, but it as picturing it WITH the love that did me in.
  9. Oh...I never worry about anyone beating me out on a bag. Remember, I'm on Cape Cod. LOL!

    Gorgeous weather in LA!

    80's here today! Finally going to my beach club to see what all changes are about. It better look sensational or I'm going to throw a hissy-fit!!!
  10. Oh Lana...I WANT ONE, NOW!!! Details, please!
    Gorgeous day...get DD and come down, we'll do to the beach. Then I can see the new bracelet IRL! :graucho:

    LOL! Whoops...perfect!
  11. Over the years I've brought a few servicemen's bodies home on the plane...always heartbreaking! Hard to know what to say to the relatives that may escort the body.
    Love, compassion and a shoulder to cry on is about the only thing you can offer.
    I will say it's a very respectful one takes this lightly.

    If you haven't watched the HBO movie "Taking Chance" it! Beautifully done!!!
  12. ^happy anniversary!!! so fun that you're getting it a little early.

    ^hehe...I should have known you'd have your strategy. ;)

    enjoy your nice weather today. seems like we might have the same temps today...our high for today here is 81. isn't that funny? hope your beach club has a spiffy new look so the assessment was worth it.
  13. Heads will roll, if it isn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a State holiday today...Patriot's Day! So we all intend to check the beach club out, en masse!
  14. lol...they better be ready! we don't have that holiday. hope you have a great day.
  15. Love the new Cartier nail bracelet! I also love the ring: