Jewelry info for fall/winter! So much stuff coming out!

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  1. Coach is launching a huge extension to the Jewelry line this fall and who knows all about it? Little ol' me! I didn't see any bracelets with hinges however, which have been rumored so we'll see if those get added. Mind you again, none of these are available yet but are expected to be in stores in September.

    Also, just so I don't confuse you guys- When I refer to the word button snap on something, I'm referring to the one that is currently on the front of the Ergo Wristlet (40458). It is used a ton in the jewelry! Also, I noticed that the silver things are a lot more and are made in the Philippines and the gold is made in China.



    Logo Button Snap (94095) - basically the button snap on a post, no dangles or anything. The color available is silver and they are $78.

    Logo Hoops (94098) - basically the small hoops that are available that say "Coach Est. 1941" on them. The color available is silver and these are $148.

    Large Medallion Earrings (94125) - these ones dangle, it's basically a small post with a circle and below it is a button snap looking thing (however on a larger scale). They are available in gold and are $128.

    Logo things (style number cut off) - okay, the page cut off the name so I made my own. These honestly look like fake earrings. I can't think of the name but they're basically button snaps with a pretend backing, like the ones you wear if your ears aren't pierced. They will come in gold/multicolor and are $98.


    Snap Ring (94123) - This is so cute, it's basically a button snap on the front of the ring, very basic. It will come in sizes 6,7,8 in gold and will cost $68.

    Snap Ring #2 (94094) - This is basically the exact same thing, but it costs more. Again it will come in sizes 6,7,8 in silver and will cost $178.

    Logo Ring- I really like this one, it looks similar to the Tiffany ring I posted below but the edges are more defined. It says "Coach Est. 1941" around it and will come in sizes 6,7,8 and in gold (94122, $48) and silver (94093, $128)



    1" Coach Logo Bangle (94120) - It looks like the perfume print ones, writing wise but it doesn't have the bottles all over it. In script it says "Coach est. 1941". Color options are Silver/White, Silver/Black and Silver/Punch and will cost $128.

    Coach Lozenge Bangles - Imagine the lozenge shape in small, medium and large printed on a bangle basically. It will come in 3/4" (94119, $98) and in 1/2" (94118, $78), the color options are Gold/White, Silver/Mahogany, Silver/raisin, Silver/Black and Silver/White.

    Signature Cut Out Cuff Bracelet (94117) - This is something a few of you wanted, it's basically a large bangle with a cut out of it so it can go on a ton of wrist sizes without going on your hand. It will be available in gold and will cost $198.

    Leather Charm Bracelets- These are a great idea, they are a leather rope with a dog leash closure. They are 7-1/2" long and will come in gold/brown. They each have a different charm on them- there is a lozenge one (94116), a heart one (94115- says Coach Leatherware, Est. 1941 just like the dog collars) and a peace sign one (94114). These will cost $88.

    Metal Charm Bracelets- These are basically super thin bangles with a single charm on them. There is a heart one (94092) and a Peace charm one (94084). These will be $148.

    Charm Bracelet (94105)- This is basically what the name is, there are a ton of charms preattached to it, it measures 7-1/2". There are medallion buttons (think of the mr. t style necklace from this past holiday), a key, a button snap, a cross, a lock, a purse and what looks to be another medallion. This will be $198.

    Logo Bangle (94089) - This is probably about a 1/2" bangle, it says "Coach EST. 1941" around it, it will come in silver and will cost $178.

    Logo Snap Bracelet (94090) - This looks like a general charm bracelet, with a dog leash closure. There is a single button snap on it, it's super simple and cute. It will be $298 and will be in silver.

    Logo Snap Bracelet #2 (no style number or price) - This is basically a ton of button snaps that make the bracelet, it is 7-1/2" and will come in silver.


    Logo Snap Leather Necklace (94108) - It basically looks like a tiny ball chain necklace, with a logo snap dangling on it. I think the logo snap has a tiny little leather circle in the center but I can't tell. The necklace will be in gold/multicolor and will be $98.

    Snap Jewel Necklaces- These will come in three sizes - 16" (94099, $98) which will have five snaps connected to the chain (not dangling), 32" (94100, $138) which will have nine snaps on the chain and 64" (94101, #198) which will have 17-18 snaps on it, the picture shows it tripled up so it's pretty long! These will come in gold/multicolor.

    Mini Snap head Necklaces - These will come in 2 sizes - 16" (94082, $258) which has 10 mini snaps on it and 64" (94083, $998) which probably has a million little snap heads on it. These will come in silver.

    Large Domed Snap head Necklace (94080) - This is 20" and will have 5 large domed snap heads on it. This will come in Silver and will cost $498.

    Pendant Necklaces- These are super cute, basically a thin necklace with a charm on it. There are a few styles and lengths, these will come in silver. For 16" necklaces, there is a domed snap head (94085, $138), Mini Lozenge (94086, $78) and Heart (94091, $138). There are two 28" necklaces that will come in gold, it is a cross necklace (94102) and a heart charm necklace (94103), these will cost $128. Finally, these is a 36" necklace that will come in silver. It is a large lozenge charm (94081) that will cost $158.

    Charm Leather Necklaces- These are just like the bracelets, they will be 16" and will come in gold/brown. There is a snap charm (94113), heart charm (94112) and peace sign charm (94111). These will be $98.


    So I think I've covered everything for the info I have! Same with the handbag post, if i get a chance and you absolutely need a sketch of something - I can possibly provide it.

    Personally, I can't wait for the jewelry! I really want a few key pieces.
  2. wow. thanks so much sprinkles....thanks for giving me more alternatives to part with my moola... :P
  3. Ohhh, ahhh...I'm so there for the silver ring!!! And all these button snap, can't wait to see them.
  4. Rings?! Ugghh! Hurry up, September!
  5. sprinkles, thank you for the info!

    You rock! :yahoo:
  6. OMG...Thanks sprinkles! Love getting the latest dish...
  7. Thanks for the info!^-^ i can't wait!
  8. AGGGGG!!! The only thing I love as much as a new Coach bag is a new piece of jewelry! This is going to be expensive...
    Thanks for all the info Sprinkles!!:yahoo:
  9. Yea!! I am loving the Coach jewelry!! Can't wait until these come out! :yes:
  10. Thanks, again, for taking the time to list and describe everything for us. :smile: It's definitely appreciated!

    I'm bummed about the rings! Only 3 sizes. I have chubby fingers and also prefer to wear rings on my middle finger so none of them will fit me. :crybaby:
  11. awesome, sprinkles, thank you! i am super excited for the logo snap earrings and the rings! if you get a chance, i would love to see the sketch for the rings. you rock!
  12. wow! Thanks for posting all this! i can't wait to see it all
  13. Thanks Sprinkles for all the advanced great info you are a sweetheart!
  14. Thanks SO much for posting that! Finally, a bangle that won't fall off my wrist! And rings !
    I'm one happy chickie :yahoo:
  15. thanks for posting this! i can't wait! oh i have a question though . . . do you remember the 1 1/2 inch patchwork bangle (#94079) they had on the site when the spring stuff came out? what happened to it? is it out or sold-out already? pics might help