Jewelry ideas for this dress??

  1. Ralph Lauren Black Label - Silk Wrap Dress -

    This is a for a formal event we are going to...I would like to wear a long necklace with a diamond pendant that is about 2 inches long...any ideas ladies?? Also a bracelet of some sort...OR since my hair will be up...should I go with a pair of elegant diamond earrings..(like chandlier) and then a bracelet...I always love reading everyone ideas.
    (preferably in white gold and diamonds)
  2. I really posted in the WRONG place!! Sorry Mods...would you please move this to the Jewelry thread...(not to SELL?) THANK YOU!!!
  3. Wow, stunning dress.

    In my opinion, you should go with just earrings (chandelier or some other kind of drop or dangle), plus a bracelet OR a big cocktail ring. White gold/diamonds would certainly compliment the white accents on the dress.

    I think a necklace might look too busy, and would take away from the neckline of the dress and the sash. Best advice is to keep the jewelry relatively simple when you've got a dramatic outfit like that.

    Enjoy your event!
  4. Thanks Cosmo!!! Im shopping online for the perfect look!
  5. Is this dress for the masquerade party you were invited to a few days ago? The dress is stunning.
  6. My vote is for gorgeous earrings and a bracelet. Skip the necklace.

  7. Thats the one Coach!!!
  8. I agree...necklace too busy. Chandalier earrings with hair up and bracelet.

    Great taste by the way. So classy!
  9. Thanks!!
  10. Love the dress! And you will look gorgeous with chandelier earrings and a bracelet in silver/white-gold. Good luck!
  11. Ditto:yes:
  12. Def no necklace. A nice bracelet will do.
  13. Thanks you ladies!! I found a few pairs of Chandelier earriings!! I have ordered a few things and make a decision this week! Thanks for all of your thoughts!
  14. I just flipped through Vogue, USWeekly and InStyle and either the best-dressed gals went without a necklace or a simple diamond pendant. I think that would be fine, particularly if it had sentimental value.
    You MUST take photos and post them the next morning, just like the prom, so we can live vicariously through you! Have fun.
  15. I definiely would not wear a necklace with that dress - I feel like it would take away from the neckline and make it too busy. I would go with a simple, yet elegant pair of earring and a pretty bracelet or ring to jazz it up!

    Beautiful dress and hope you have fun!!