Jewelry from Kitson

  1. Hello ladies!
    I just ordered all this jewelry from kitson and I want to know what you think about it. I pretty much like it but im not really certain about what to expect once I receive it. So give me your opinions. Thanks:biggrin::flowers:
    BigBrace.jpg BigBrace1.jpg Goldchain&leatherheart.jpg rafiablackbangle.jpg rafiablackbangle2.jpg women-jewlery-fullview-muti.jpg women-jewlery-detail-black-.jpg
  2. I drop by Kitson whenever I am in LA (twice a year) their jewelry is usually pretty decent. The first necklace is really cute!
  3. i want the headband version of the 3rd necklace but its too expensive :sad: i can't remember, whats the designer's name?
  4. I'm In Love With Every Piece!!!!!!! :smile: We Have Such Similar Taste....I Am Going To Check Out Their Jewelry Tonight!!! :smile:
  5. YAY!! They have some really really cute jewelry. IMO I dont think the price is too bad.:biggrin::flowers:
  6. I love the bracelets- very fun!
  7. I was looking at that first one, it's adorable!

    Don't expect quick shipping though. I ordered from them over a week ago, and don't even know if they shipped it out yet. No communication. Not that I wouldn't order again. :lol:
  8. I :heart: the first bracelet :yes: The rest of it's not really me, but, it looks cute :smile:
  9. I love Kitson Jewelry. Its always fun & unique =)
  10. Too funny...I just read an article today about the owner of Kitson, his merchandise, the celebs etc. I wish I had it to share. He does make a very large mark-up on the don't make him too rich ladies!!!
  11. Very cool, I am excited for you to get it!
  12. How do you like your baubles?;)
  13. I Never Ended Up Purchasing Anything......Very High Priced For The Products.

    If I Loved Something I Would Get It. I Treat Myself Well! :smile:

    But, I Found A Lot More Pieces For Much Less (Without Compromising Quality).....

    I Hope Cindy Did Well ~ The Pieces She Ordered Look So Pretty!!!!!
  14. i really want this from kitson. nicole has it in white here.

  15. the first n second is adorable
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