Jewelry for the Sized Challenged


Nov 30, 2005
I would be interested to know where the over/under shop for jewerly.

You know the under size 5 over size 10, kind of like shoes.

My wrist is just a smidge larger then the "average" wrist size so buying bracelets is near impossible. As for rings, 6-7 just do not cut if you are size 4 or 11. As they usually can only size up or down 1 size. And then there is the upcharge for sizing up, but I wonder do you get a discount for sizing down? 10 uses more material but 4 uses less.

So ladies where are you shopping?

I know that I have had a few pieces sized from David Yurman with no issue. Also Tiffany and Cartier just carry the smaller/larger sizes.
But I am on the hunt for something new and I am just not finding it.
Sep 11, 2009
Most really good jewelers can size up or down more than a one size (of course this aslo depends on the design of the ring). And you can have things custom made.

But a few places that offer jewelry in other sizes (besides the big name jewelers that you have mentioned) are James Avery, Ross-Simons, and the various TV shopping networks (you can shop from their websites). James Avery offers a wide range of ring sizes and a few options for bracelets. QVC offers some designer lines that have bracelets in larger and smaller sizes--like Michael Dawkins or RLM studio. Also, if you check out "vintage" or "estate" jewelry you can also find different sizes.



where's my bag?!
Apr 25, 2006
I am on the larger size, I generally go for earrings which are very easy to find in chandelier or dangly.

You can find longer straps for my watches at Target. Walmart, or any jeweler kiosk at the mall would have several bands that meet your needs. "Boyfriend" watches work great, unisex swiss army watches are fine too.

I have trouble with necklaces, the 16-18 inch chains are uncomfortable, so I find extenders for those, or simply purchase extra lengths from the jeweler. Box chains are easy to match. Your jeweler can get you an extender for your bracelet that matches.

I get most of my jewelry reworked but lately I've been getting into Pandora jewelry they offer bracelets in varying widths from 7" to I believe 9".

Not sure if this is the caliber of jewelry you are looking for tho. I get a lot of great deals on eBay. Home shopping networks offer a large assortment of ring sizes.