Jewelry for blog giveaway?


Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dec 2, 2008
I'm hoping I can tap into your opinions. I am considering hosting a giveaway on my blog to help increase traffic, as well as build up some social accounts/email lists.

I have a $40 credit for Gap brands because I put my Cartier bracelet on my Gap card. Since it is "free" money, if I move forward I will try to buy something from Piperlime that's close to that amount.

Which of the following pieces of jewelry would motivate you the most to enter an online giveaway?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Modern Intersection Studs

Kate Spade Small Square Earrings in Ruby

Sabine Pave Status Link Bracelet

Kate Spade Draw The Line Idiom Bangle

Thank you for your input!