Jewelry experts, opinions/suggestions needed on these diamond cross earrings!

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  1. What you think these earrings? My jeweller has a similar pair but each cross will have 5 princess cut diamonds (.20carats each ) with 2 carat total weight for both crosses, in PRONG SETTING ( the ones in the pic are not set in prongs---not sure what that setting is called:confused1:). I was also thinking that instead of the cross hanging on the creole/hoop earring, I can just opt for the hook one to make it less costly. If I choose the one with the creole/hoop, my jeweller said he would have to add at least 7 princess cut diamonds on each hoop to match the cross ( 1.4 total carat weight for both hoops) but that would mean extra $$$$$$$$:cursing:. Should I get the ones with the creole/hoop with diamonds OR just plain hook? Is this pair trendy or a classic?
    diamond cross earrings.jpg
  2. Either way is great! Have you considered a post style without diamonds? That wouldn't be very expensive.

    I Would be wary of a plain hook unless you make sure to always put the plastic backing on it.
  3. Will go back to my jeweller and ask what my other options are. I really do like the ones with diamonds on the cross. Im quite wary about the hook thingie too. Thanks for the advise!
  4. what about a lever back? the only place i can find good examples of a lever back is but it's hard to link from there. if you do a search though, you'll find some.
  5. Ooohh thanks! Will check that one out.
  6. Hey Solitude!! Tried to post you yesterday but I think it was just consumed in that huge long blog thing!! The diamonds in your pic are channel set,and if you go for the crosses on a plain hoop,you can always have a diamond ones later,plus when you have diamond hoops made you could wear them with or without the crosses making them extremely versatile,and its something interesting and useful to add at a later date knowing that you would wear them and they would'nt be a waste of money as you already know in advance its something you really would use and want.Have you decided on these over the South Sea studs then??XXXX
  7. Yipee I found you back here! Havent decided yet on the pearls Chaz! My jeweller is giving me a week to decide on the cross---thank goodness!!!:sweatdrop: You know I was thinking the same about the hoops being versatile and I can just add diamonds later on and can use it for other dangling gemstones or pearls in the future. What about the hooks instead of the hoops for now? Are those too plain looking? They would come out cheaper too. Thanks a million Chaz:yahoo:! Was waiting for you in here desperately LOL Still undecided whether to get this pair or the pearls. Which should I get:confused1:? I seem to trust your instincts more than my own LOL :graucho:
  8. ooo,posted along reply on the blog thing but unless you were watching it non-stop it would be so easy to miss with all the others! If you are thinking of selling at a later date,diamonds win hands down,I'm guessing the pearls gave you that ooooooooooooooo when you saw them,you know the ooo that goes with you standing there doing quick mental re-jigs of your finances,then saying to yourself 'of course I can afford them,If I eat like a bird for the next three years!!!!, all while you are stood at the till waiting to pay!!!! If you have taken your eye that much go for them,and keep them,if you think you will get bored of them,go for the diamonds,South Seas are just the most gorgeous pearls,but if you change your mind on them you will stand to lose quite a lot!!!

    As for the diamonds,yes great advice you got,go for hooks as when you are done with them you can use them for other earrings!!!!
  9. I did lose a huge chunk of $$$ on my old pair of 16mm south seas. They were so huge that they were slicing my earlobes OUCH! So I had to sell them off to my sister in law who got them at a ridiculously low price :push: So now the verdict is.....the Diamond Cross with hooks (a lot cheaper) instead of hoop/creole earrings(more expensive)!:yahoo:I can always have those hoops made in the future instead of eating like a bird for a few years just for extra diamonds LOL
  10. I like the ones you posted. I think those are channel set, as opposed to pronged. Either way, I like them and I like the hoops. It looks like the crosses may come off so you could wear the hoops plain. Diamond hoops are very classic IMO, they never really go out of style. I'd have to see a picture of the hooks, but I think I like hoops better...
  11. I like the diamond one
  12. bl2k4 and ClaireZk, thanks for the suggestions!!! Im considering it!!!:tup:
  13. You're so tiny anyway! If you ate like a bird you'd disappear!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  14. LOL :roflmfao:
  15. Solitude,go for the diamonds I'm feeling your pain in choosing,all the way across the pond!!They will suit your sparkly sunny nature!!!!
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