Jewelry experts, does the value of pearls appreciate?

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  1. I posted in a previous thread about trading my white 16mm white pearls for golden pearls. They are paspaley pearls which are considered one of the best in the world. Im iffy about trading them for the gold unless I know the gold will hold its value more than the whites. Opinions needed from jewelry experts please.
  2. My husband is a jewelry expert re pearls because we sell them!!!!!

    Now you are right about Paspaley being amongst the finest in the world, the Australian pearls are beautiful. The minute I mentioned that you had 16mm earrings, my husband said....too heavy??? I can understand why you want to trade them. As far as value, the gold pearls are rarer and more expensive than the white, but still the choice boils down to preferance as both are prestege classic pieces.

    You can go to my first thread about my gold pearls here at PF.

    I am happy to answer any questions that you have. Also, need to add that the gold comes in many tones and color strengths making each pearl unique. There would be a gold to suit everyone imo, just need to find the one that best suits.
  3. Oh Littlesharon you are an angel! I do love my white pearls but they hurt my ears bad! Im leaning towards the 14mm. I have a friend who sells paspaley and tahitian pearls (she buys them at wholesale in australia) and she just gave me a call yesterday to tell me about the stunning gold pearls that she has. Im seeing her next week and will see if they look good on me. And she told me about the ridiculous price increase too! :cursing: You think gold can be worn casually too? I wear my white pearls everyday and even for formal occasions.
  4. The price of pearls has come down as per my husband and all the wholesalers he deals with. One of the reasons is the bumper crops being harvested. We have an enormous shop in the city. All the old stock of pearls had to be marked down to equal the new stock! This has hurt the wholesalers a lot as you can imagine all their old stock had to be valued down.

    I think pearls are quite cheap as a product and there has never been a better time to buy.
  5. Littlsharon, I saw the pic of your gold pearls!!!! OMG!!! Im speechless!!! Now Im seriously wanting a pair of goldies on my ears!!! :drool:
  6. I'm glad pearls have gone down because they cost less for me to buy! LOL When you get your new pearls please post them for us to drool over. :smile:
  7. Will do!!!:yahoo:
  8. OK, just as a ball park figure so you can compare with sizes, these are between 12 and 13mm (retail for about $2500 in the diamond pear drop setting, cheaper in plain setting).

    Once I wore 15mm earrings and I really suffered, I could feel them hanging all day!!!!!
  9. I would get the earrings reset as into 2 beautiful pearl pendants (keep one, sell one!!!). There are such beautiful settings and you could wear it every day for casual or formal. You could even get diamonds on the setting and make it very glam!!!!!:okay:
  10. I had a holiday in Darwin last weekend and went into the Paspaley store - OMG - :drool: :nuts: :love:

    Gold pearls are gorgeous IMO, and def. hold their value well. If you are wearing them every day as well, then their purchase is def. justified ;)