jewelry case?

  1. what does everyone use as a jewlery case? i want something that i can put my jewelry in that's a bit of a small, structured piece, but of course i don't have the money to shell out for the beautiful jewelry trunks they sell.

    any ideas?
  2. I just use a Juicy Couture jewelry train case..that one was around $200-ish and fits all my pieces nicely!
  3. Thats super cute. :nuts: I'm a guy so when I need to carry small acessories, I use either my epi pochette or antigua plat gm.
  4. why was this moved? i meant LV -- i dont want anything other than LV to carry it. it doesn't have to be an actual jewelry case. it can be some small leather good by LV that's actually meant for something else but people sometimes can use it as a jewelry traveler.