Jewelry Case Suggestions?


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Jan 4, 2006
I'm looking for a spacious travel case for jewelry that may have compartments for brooches as well as necklaces, etc.

Sure could use some input. Looks like LV may have a few.

I travel frequently on business and had the hardest time finding something that would accomodate the jewlery i wanted without it arriving tangled and twisted. I tried the rolled case style and found that once filled with some of my larger vintage items would not roll and close. The best solution ended up being a $25 drawstring bag that my mother found, lol. It keeps everything seperated in small pockets that run along the outside of the interior, and has a large space left in the middle for brooches or large beads. It is extremely lightweight and squishy once closed- so I can easily tuck it in between layers of folded clothing or whatever small space it left in my suitcase:idea: Also, it opens nicely and lays flat for easy access to everything.
I purchased the black one shown here (bottom of the page 0nline Jewelry Boxes from the Netique Gift Boutique


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