Jewelry Box in Action!!

  1. Everything is great! I would so love to see this ring. It's gorgeous.
  2. Thanks! Among all the pieces in my jewelry collection, the pearls get the most compliments!
  3. My other 2 cocktail rings....
    --Rubylite and peridot set in 14k yellow and white gold, with diamonds on each side

    --Chunky blue topaz set in 14k yellow and white gold with a pink sapphire and diamonds on each side

    More to come :graucho:
    rubylite.JPG rubylite 2.JPG rubylite 3.JPG bluetopaz 2.JPG bluetopaz.JPG
  4. Next....:graucho:
    ---Hoop Diamond Earrings, set in 14k yellow gold, 38 diamonds (.12 carats each) Total 4 carats

    ---Diamond stud earrings, set in 14k white gold, 3/4 carats each Total 1.5 carats
    ---Diamond solitaire pendant, set in 18k white gold with 18k white gold chain, 1.2 carats

    ---Hook danglings, yellow and white gold with tiny diamonds, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and peridot

    My last pair of dangling Tahitian pearls coming soon...then my necklace....later
    hoops.JPG hoops 2.JPG hoops 3.JPG DSC02238.JPG DSC02241.JPG
  5. What a lovely stones, I luv all of them. Bravoo:drool::drool:
  6. I luv yr earing LVgal1972, all is gorgeous.:tup:
  7. Pazt, u have a gorgous diamond ring. Wonderfull!!!
  8. Yup, me too, I luv Patz rings collection. Fabulous!!:tup::graucho:
  9. I luv yr wristwatch Hermes diamond too with red croc leather.
  10. Wow.. all so unique, I love them. Never seen b4.
  11. Thanks!!! Love them too:heart::heart:
  12. thank you all! LVgal - you have a stunning collection!
  13. Thanks Pazt!!! But your rings are TDF!!!:drool::drool:
  14. Pazt, I asked Vlad if we could make this thread a permanent one and he asked me to link it to him and he will stick it. Im so clueless LOL How do you do it?
  15. ^ Only a mod can :yes:

    This is now a sticky!!

    You all have me drooling so bad!! :drool: