Jewelry Appropriate for Work

  1. I work in a restaurant and I was wondering what kind of jewelry would work?

    I can't wear a dangly watch and no bracelets (I'm wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet come hell or high water for my Dad). They didn't say anything about earrings or necklaces. 2 rings on each hand is the max.

    Here's my uniform. Black from the waist down. Black pants black socks black shoes. Now I'm supposed to have a green button up shirt that I don't have to tuck in.

    I have to wear my hair up so folks are gonna see my earrings. I guess the only option I have is studs or medium sized hoops right?

    Anyway.....if you can help. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, hoops or studs sound good. I wouldn't go too crazy with the earrings. But, you could do necklaces too!

    Too bad the shirt can't be black, because I think head to toe black with bold jewelry looks really chic.
  3. I'ld go for the hoops!:tup:
  4. only wear professional looking jewelry and don't over do it. also don't use anything that you think might get ruined.

    the better you look, the better the tips will be from the guys ;]
  5. The main consideration for jewelry for waitressing is that while it should of course be elegant and understated, it should NOT look expensive.

    Something like a single dzi-style or other carved wooden or bone bead on a black satin cord would be better than a pearl or gemstone, even if faux, because if your customers think that you can afford gemstones and precious metals, they may not feel that they need to tip as generously!
  6. ITA :tup:
  7. hey, congrats on your job!! ITA keep it simple without anything too dangly or noisy. Keep it polished but expressive of your personality and you'll kick butt!