Jewelry and Skin tone?

  1. Just curious what is your skin tone and what color jewelry do you mainly wear?

    I feel like silver/platinum/white gold looks better on light skin and gold looks better on darker skin. Do you agree with this?

    Sometimes I feel like my tone doesn't look good with any color like I am too light for gold and too dark for white. Idk maybe it's just me.
  2. Well...I think yellow gold would look best on me but I cannot wear gold on my skin. So Platinum is about all I got going for me.

    Personally on darker skin I think gold does look fantastic but I like platinum on all.
  3. I think either dark or light skin tones can look better in white or yellow metals, because either can have warm or cool undertones. There are lighter skin tones like mine that look MUCH better in yellow gold, and there are cooler dark skin tones that look better in white metals. Normally, they recommend yellow gold for warmer skin tones and white metals for cooler skin tones, but it can really vary from person to person. That's why I think it is best to have a collection that covers all the bases - yellow gold, white gold and platinum! :lol:
  4. I like both on me, I think my skin tone compliments both, but not the 24 carat gold or rose gold, that is too dark for me. I like 14 and 18k YG, WG and platinum or silver.

    What I often hear is that you have to look at your veins on your wrist, if they look green then your skin tone is warm and you should stick to YG, and if your veins are blue your skin tone is cool and you should prefer platinum/silver. However many ppl can wear both easily. When I'm tan I look better with platinum, when I'm pale I look great with yellow gold.
  5. I'm asian with a medium tan & yellow undertones. I've been wearing silver lately but I put on my gold bangles yesterday and loved how it looked against my skin.
  6. I think whether you have a warm or a cool toned skin colour makes more of a difference than being pale/dark. I have really pale fair skin and definitely suit silver/platinum/white gold but my Mum who is also pale, but has a warmer tone looks far better with yellow gold! I just had a look lily25 and I definitely have blue veins :lol:

    I would much rather have lovely tanned skin instead though :shucks:
  7. my veins are teal!
    I love yellow gold so much. I also love WG and rose. I think it depends on what you want to wear and the look.
    Some peices look better in wg and some in YG. I have Mikimoto pearls in motion earrings and they are in WG, I don't think they would look good in YG, also I have a smokey topaz in yg that I think wouldn't look as nice in WG . I think it depends on the stones and the look of the peice.

    I like diamonds in WG, I also love the way they pop in YG.
  8. I have olive skin, but blue veins.

    I can wear both. I mostly wear white metals these days, but really I like wearing yellow gold. It looks very rich against my skin. Platinum, white gold and sterling look very "cold" to me...or maybe I am just tired of them.

    I have both yellow and white metals in my jewelry collection.

    Rose gold does not look good on me. I LOVE rose gold, but cannot wear it.

  9. My veins are teal also. So do I have warm or cool undertones? It's hard for me to tell! I love jewelry but I don't think my skin color goes with white or gold. It's weird!!
  10. i'm cool toned. canadian girl with irish heritage. blue eyes, pale skin, dark hair...rose gold looks best on me as well as silver tones
  11. I love it all and wear it all! I think rose gold looks the best on my skin tone due to my pinkish complexion; however, I feel all look nice. My best friend has a medium complexion, and she hates how yellow gold/rose gold looks on her. She will not wear either.
  12. Rose looks best on me....but i like all :smile:
  13. I'm Chinese with blue and yellow undertones. I'm pretty pale and can wear both but prefer the warmth in gold versus the cold of sterling. I also find that the more tan I get, the better golds look. Sometimes I find white metals to be too harsh and then other times it looks fine. Also depends on the outfit I'm wearing. For small pieces white metals, for larger rose or yellow gold.
  14. this really has to do with warm or cool tones in your skin, not whether its light or dark. My mom looks better in gold and she has fairly pale but warm skin tone whether i look better in silver/white gold, and i'm pale skinned as well but cool skin tone. Good test would be to hold a swatch of gold and silver fabric next to your face. Whichever one looks better thats the color of jewelry you should go with. This really works!
  15. Yes, it's your undertones, not whether you are light or dark--or very light or very dark.
    My sister and I are exactly the same color skintone but she has cool undertones (blue veins) and I have warm (green veins) and we don't look good in the same colors. My mother used to try to dress us as twins becuase we are almost the same age and look a lot alike in feature, as well as having the same complexion and she always wondered why both of us never looked good at the same time. It was years before we figured it out that it was because one or the other of us would be in the wrong color when we were dressed the same.

    There are some people who can get away with wearing either warm or cool colors (yellow cold or silver) but they are usually young. As you get older, you tend to look tired if you are in the wrong color. I have to wear gold next to my face to look my best. I love silver but save it for bracelets and rings. the brighter the gold the better. 22k and 24K looks awesome.
    I notice that it's cool-toned people who look good in lower carat gold, such as 10K or a lot of 14K (though sometimes 14K is very yellow).
    The other exception is, I can wear silver near my face if its just a little tarnished. It takes on a warmer tone then. that's why I don't like rhodium plating, which stays very bright white all the time, like chrome.