Jewelry and Bags!


What do you think of silver jewelry with gold hardware bags?

  1. NO WAY! don't mix the colors

  2. Yes it's ok

  3. who cares?!?!?

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  1. I have a question for all of you...

    All my jewelry is silver or platnium. I personally don't like gold jewelry because I don't like how it looks on me. My bags however mostly have gold/brass colored hardware.

    I never thought about this much before but do you guys match your jewelry with your bags as well? Is it bad taste to wear silver jewelry clashing with gold hardware bags?

    Just wondering, thanks!
  2. in our times one can mix and match how ones like no boundaries. this said i match but thatis my pet peeve and guilty pleasure so to speak
  3. Whatever makes you happy!
  4. I think it has to be okay. ;) I'd go crazy if I tried to be that precise in matching all my accessories.
  5. It's absolutely OK!!! I even wear silver and yellow gold rings together! These days it's all good!
  6. Yes it's ok!
  7. My normal/daily wear jewelry are white gold and gold. I also carry bags that have both gold/brass and silver toned hardware. It doesn't bother me at all :p
  8. *phew* thanks!
  9. It has to be OK. It's too hard to match hardware and jewelry. Plus that would require me buying yellow gold jewelry and I'm not a huge fan.
  10. I selected "who cares" because I know I don't!:nuts:
  11. I think it's ok :yes:
  12. It is definitly ok to mix different color hardware with different color jewelry. It is kinda like two tone jewelry on your overall outfit!
  13. Oh my...I'd be in big trouble if I tried to match my jewelry to my purse hardware. :smile:
  14. i try to match because it looks more put together (and I almost never wear gold jewelry) but it doesnt always have to match
  15. I think that they are too completely different things, even when worn together...

    Its fun to mix and match the two now a days so its all good....