Jewellery in Houston?

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  1. Hey guys. I'll be in Houston soon and I was wondering if the jewellery shopping there is any good? Are there any jewellers you'd recommend? I'm interested in all jewellery in general but I'm on the lookout for a really nice watch or diamond studs/diamond jewellery in particular. Thanks in advance!
  2. For studs, make an appointment with Brian Gavin.
  3. IW Marks is an old jewelry store that I have always trusted. They made my engagement ring and all of my mom's jewelry.
  4. Oh yes. You mentioned Gavin to me before. I'll have to do that! Thanks.
  5. I checked out the website. I wish they had more of their custome work online, but I won't be there long enough for custome work to make sense I guess.
  6. They don't have much of their custom work online but i would recommend Zadok. My fiancé purchased my ring there.
  7. you can also go to whiteflash, they're not far away from brian gavin, in sugarland
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    Just purchased mine from Brian Gavin Diamonds -- AMAZING

  9. Thanks for the great feedback guys. I definitely will!