Jewelers Etiquette?

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  1. #1 Mar 4, 2016
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    I’m not sure if the title is correct but here’s my situation ~ Warning: VERY long!

    Back story: A few years ago I purchased an eternity band from my jeweler (he’s actually my MIL’s jeweler, she’s known him over 40 years now). Anyway, when I originally purchased my eternity band I brought in an exact replica of the one I wanted made (approx. 3.5 carats). I wanted it to wear with my engagement ring (approx. 2 carat pear). When I got the eternity band it was larger than I wanted (3.67 carats) and it doesn’t look good with my engagement ring at all. At the time I admit I totally fell for the larger carat weight, it is beautiful and a definite statement ring on my smallish finger (size 5). Now, after a few years I find myself never wearing my engagement ring and I really miss it. Recently, I started to search for a round diamond (thank you Ame for your help/advice) and I realized I won’t be able to wear anything with my eternity band.

    Current situation: I have an appointment to see my jeweler to see what I can do about possibly getting a smaller eternity band. My question to all of you is ~ What should I expect? Do you think because I have used him for many other things (I like to change my engagement ring setting quite a lot) and my in-laws purchase and have purchased for years from him he will maybe give me a better deal? I regret not saying something sooner but like I said I totally fell for the big diamond (totally my fault). My husband doesn’t want us to have to spend a lot more for less platinum/diamonds but the jeweler is in the business to make money. Although, in truth if he doesn’t give me a great deal I will probably never use him again because I almost feel like he is part to blame for not making the ring I asked for.
    Sorry this is so long but any advice is greatly appreciated. I am a bit anxious as I am completely unsure of how this will go.

    ETA ~ my plan is to trade in my current eternity band for a smaller carat weight one.
  2. I think it would help if you could post pics of your rings on your finger.
  3. Thank you for your response ~ I don't think that would help because I'm not asking how it looks on my finger.
    I'm asking what other people think I should expect going in ~ what amount is fair to pay, etc. Sorry for any confusion. :smile:
  4. I would think 3.5 should look almost exactly the same as 3.67 in an eternity band. I don't think you would be any happier had he made it 3.5. I would not hold the 3.67 weight against him, but you certainly are not obligated to continue to use him if you feel dissatisfied. Good luck!!
  5. If you want to trade in the 3.67 you'll probably get the best value by using the same jeweler. I would think he will charge standard labor prices and there has been some depreciation in value on the ring you purchased a few years ago. I'm sorry you haven't gotten the look you wanted.
  6. Would you consider wearing your eternity band on your left ring finger &
    your engagement ring on your right hand ring finger?
    Just a thought..
  7. Thank you for your thoughts ~
    Maybe the replica was closer to 3.4 carats, I don't remember exactly but they look completely different. The cz one looks perfect with my engagement ring and the 3.67 carat one doesn't at all.
    I totally don't hold that against him, although I do wish he made what I asked him for I think he thought by making it bigger that was better because I do love my diamonds. My issue is that I did give him an exact replica of what I wanted and even said I don't want anything over 3.5 carats. Again, I fell for it and it's not his fault for that, he was trying to make it special I know.

  8. Totally tried that ~ my engagement ring bothers me on right hand. I had hoped that would work but of course that's not my luck!
  9. Thank you! That was what I was asking about ~ and that is what I'm hoping for. I know I will have to pay something as he's in business to make money and shouldn't have to take a hit at all for me changing my mind. I just wanted some reassurance that I was being fair in my thinking.
  10. I think you are being fair in your thinking. A trade-in would be the best option if he gives you a fair value.
  11. Joja I think if it looks much more different than you expected that you need him to use smaller stones. Going by weight doesn't always work, especially cz to diamond. Hopefully you can compare melee sizes to your cz band when you're there and choose based on size. Good luck! Remember this should be fun and not stressful!

  12. Thank you so much for this ~ I really needed to hear that! Also, yes I agree I need smaller stones ~ I keep saying carat weight but really I mean stone size.
  13. Thank you!!
  14. Anyone know what a fair value would be? Ring is platinum, 3.67 carats F or G color (I don't remember) VS1 or 2 clarity (don't remember exactly).
    Thanks in advance!
  15. If the jeweler usually gives your MIL really good deals, then ask if she can accompany you when you meet up with him. I had similar situations in the past with my mom's jeweler. He tends give a better price whenever she's around. Maybe it's the way she looks at him whenever he quotes a price that's she doesn't like. :amuse:

    If there is a cost difference in the new ring, then maybe get something to make up the difference. I find that jewelers do not like to give back the difference when you are doing a trade-in.