Jeweler Doesn't Have Specs for Diamonds

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  1. Is this unusual? As I've posted previoulsy, DH and I are looking to upgrade my original wedding band. Last week we went to Baltimore and didn't see just the right thing.

    Anyway, today at Khourey Bros. in White Flint Mall (MD) we saw a gorgeous band that we were interested in. When we asked the color, clarity rating, etc., she said their store doesn't certify their diamonds, but that all their diamonds are "above commercial grade" and they would only be able to provide us with a certificate for our insurance company.

    The ring we were considering was $14,325. Does this seem odd? IMO, to pay that much money I want to know exactly what I'm getting. Am I being unreasonable? Crazy?

    She said it doesn't really matter what the color grade is "b/c we would never sell you a yellow diamond". When I said I wanted something in the VVS range she said nobody sells that any more. They're all VS to SI minimum.

    Thoughts please!!!!!
  2. if they're tiny, like almost pave it doesn't sound too far fatched that they weren't certified. But if they were fair sized then I think I'd keep shopping!
    Also her comment about VVS level is ridiculous! Some people only want those!

    If I were you I would rather not pay extra for VVS1 or VVS2 personally, I'd drop to VS2-SI1 unless it's a big stone.

    You're not crazy:nogood:
  3. No, you're not being unreasonable OR crazy!! Don't know what type of band you're looking for (eternity?? I'm trying to imagine what type of band would be in the $14K ballpark) -- but you could potentially do something completely custom and spec out exactly what you want (color, clarity, cut, etc.) You never, ever have to spend money like that to get something that was an unknown. (The only thing I might agree on is the clarity comment - there is probably not enough demand for that level of clarity to justify doing it in a premade ring. For me personally, I am happy with VS1, even being really picky. But cut is key!). Take a look at, it is a great educational consumer forum and there are a number of vendors listed there which have favorable testimonials from people -- good luck and stick to your guns - get exactly what your heart desires! :yes:
  4. LeeLee, I would run as far as I can from this jeweler.
    I don't know what "commercial grade" is, since the GIA certificate certainly doesn't even list that grade, so I think it's a made up term.
    BTW, you should never have an appraisel done by the people who sell you the jewelry. It's in their interest to appraise it at the high end of the scale, so you will pay more initially.
  5. This jeweler does not sound reputable to me. For that price, the diamonds had better be certified. I remember from somewhere that many stores don't certify their diamonds unless they're 1/2 carat or higher, but when DH and I bought my band, which is 1 carat total weight, all the stones in it were certified. I wouldn't go back to this jeweler.
  6. That does not sound right at all. I'd go to another jeweler too and keep looking.
  7. Thanks all!! Something just didn't seem right, but my DH and I kept thinking that since they're an established business we must be the loony ones.

    Anyway, the ring was 2.0 total carat weight baguette cut diamond eternity band.

    Now that I know exactly what style I want we're in a better position to shop.

  8. Very true- the lady is full of it. One of my diamond dealer friends ONLY deals in VVS stones and VVS melle.

    For pave rings and stones under .50 carat, the diamonds are often not cert'd. However, you can always ask for an appraisal from them for any higher-end item( for free). The appraisal should state the exact specs of the item, gram weight, carat total weight, clarity.
  9. I would not expect the stones to be certified (by say GIA) at that size. But baguettes are definetely available in VVS if you wish. And the SA should be able to provide you with a color grade range, say F-G.
    Also, maybe ask the SA for a little insight into how the band would be for everyday wear. Baguette diamonds are easy to chip during wear (or even in the stone setting process) and some "prong set" eternity bands may not give the diamonds the protection the need.
    Good luck with you search!
  10. Uh oh! I had no idea baguettes chipped easily. The style I am considering is channel set with baguettes and it is a full eternity ring.

    What do you think? I plan to wear it every day.
  11. Hi

    I just check Tiffany's website. If that is your budget you can get a similar wedding band from Tiffany's.
  12. Leelee- here are some others as well, that are a much larger carat weight but much less expensive that 14K. They are also in the VVS-VS clarity range and you can select your color preferences:

    I have never purchased from here, but I believe that others have. Ame has a high review for them, if I remember.

    ETA: Here's another w/ rounds and baguettes, but is a smaller carat weight, but still very pretty and different than you usually see.

  13. Yes I do, I LOOOVE them. GREAT quality, great price, GREAT service.

  14. The channel setting is much more protective! :tup: