jeweled tones or lighter colors?

  1. Ok is it just me???

    When I look at my rouge city and my blueberry day I wish I had more of the lighter color bags like skyblue, dolma (yes i consider this a lighter color), or seafoam.

    Then when I think about buying a lighter color I then wish I had more bright jewel toned bags, like eggplant or 05 turq.

    Does this happen to you all? :shrugs:

    I know, I know, just buy them all, but easier said then done.

    Thanks had to express:flowers:
  2. ^I admit I get obssessed over most of the colors and fantasize about owning and carrying all. But overall I consistently prefer the deep, dark colors. I know they reflect my taste and personal style most unwaveringly, wheres my attaction to the pastels and lighter colors is more for a change of pace and the novelty it.
  3. lol i want every one i have so many headaches thinking about what colour to get it drives me crazy, these bags are worse than crack
  4. Same here I prefer the deep rich colors even if I would like to add one or two light colors, having a small child though keeps me from getting too enthousiastic about light colors. Also I fear them turning yellow.
  5. That is the problem with Bbags - you really do want them all. I have a one light bag (a turquoise 04) and I am terrified of destroying it. However it has not stopped me from ordering a natural from the spring summer line.
  6. I like dark jewel tone like blueberry...I think B-bag just look better with dark colors (except I love the white one)....very edgy with the tassles. I don't get the light color because they can turn yellow & the color will eventually fade. Unless you are not worry about bags getting dirty..I will pick a dark, jewel tone color so you can use the bag more freely.
  7. I love to look at the bright colors, like magenta, apple green, etc. but I know if I got them, they would sit in my closet 95% of the year. I try to use restraint and not buy bags that I know I am not going to use much. I don't need anymore bags to sit in my closet. It's full already because I buy lots of other bags besiders Balecnciaga. I'm not a faithful bag buyer. I cheat all over the place with other brands, especially LV.:P
  8. I prefer dark and deep colors with a pop to it, meaning that you can see the details of the hardware. Even deep bright colors pop too. Lighter colors or the pastels to me look too dull or washed out and they get too dirty.
  9. I agree with you all. The lighter colors do seem to fade and turn a "yellow".

    "pop" is just the word i was thinking when coming to the brighter colors. I love how stand out.

    Thanks all. I think I am going to stayed more focused on the brighter colors.

  10. i dont like lighter color because its harder to keep clean.
  11. Darker colors for me...I have a brand new pink City sitting in my closet and I havent used it...afraid it will get dirty. A lotta good its doing me in the closet!
  12. I reckon rouge vif and blueberry are AWESOME colours - both colours are just amazing... I tend to sway to 'block' bold deep pop colours... well apart from corny TWIGGY - thats probably my only light coloured b-bag to date ;) if you enjoy these colours totally GO FOR GOLD - for your next b-bag maybe try something different... 07 s/s have some GREAT colours... :wlae: PLUS, you can NEVER have too many b-bags! :graucho:
  13. i had the same problem - loved the deep rich jewel tones, but they didn't suit my wardrobe personality at all, somehow.. so i just ended up not using them enough.

    i've accepted that i'll only carry the neutral shades or light pastels, despite the issues with dirt or fading...
    so it's pale pink and sky blue for me all the way now... somehow nothing else works with my wardrobe.
  14. I agree that the darker colors are preferable. Uness the lighter ones are sprayed (AppleGarde or equivalent) they get dirty too easily.
  15. I love the deep / dark colours.
    I'm not sure light ones will match with my outfit...and also I'm afraid of the bags getting dirty...