Jeweled Ballet Flats

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  1. Cute! I LOVE ballet flats they are my favorite. I don't have any jeweled ones yet. But I plan to buy a pair for this summer.
  2. i have these in metallic pink. (i copied the picture from the bag forum) they were purchased 4 years ago from Saks around $500. i haven't seen any other style i like better than these.


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  3. those are cute apey grapey!
  4. [​IMG]

    MiuMiu jeweled flats on the right
  5. WOW...LOVE these! Uber cute!
  6. miu miu is amazing for ballet flats - and they usually do one or two per year with jewels, love love love
  7. your miu miu and the pradas! Super cute!!
  8. lulilu - you have incredible taste in might have just made me a convert ;)
  9. LOVE MiuMiu Flats! I just bought 2 pairs of Jeweled flats by them!
  10. Great thread! I am obsessed with finding a pair myself, but unfortunately have not had luck finding any in my size. I just ordered these from Nordstrom Kids in the gold and the silver. Obviously, very inexpensive (the one perk of tiny feet!) I am hoping they aren't too boxy like kids shoes can be. I'll report back when they are delivered.

    These Kate Spade are my favorite jeweled flat I have seen, but alas, not in my size :sad:
  11. Miu Miu makes my favourite ballet flats too. They are so comfy and are like works of art. I have two pairs and would love many more!
  12. another fan of Miu Miu here

  13. black

  14. gold